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Romeo and Juliet

No description

Melissa Colby

on 8 April 2014

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Transcript of Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet
Act 4
Act 3
Act 1
Understanding Shakespeare
Why do we care about Shakespeare?
2. He created characters the audience could relate to.
-complex/three dimensional


-soliloquy-a character tells the audience their most private thoughts

-things you think about but would never say or know how to say
3. He wrote to all audiences.
-Upper Class
Highly Educated

-Middle Class/Working Class

Not educated

4. He's pretty famous.
a. He was famous in his time.
1. His influence on the English language.
-Shakespearean Insults

-How many words do you think you use?

-How many words have you added to the English language?



What is Shakespeare Known For?
How did he do this?
b. He is famous now.
c. He is famous in English speaking countries.
d. He is famous in countries that speak other languages.
Shakespeare Here and There
Shakespeare There
Shakespeare There
Shakespeare Everywhere
Shakespeare Here

Romeo and Juliet Unit
-400 points total

-6 Quizzes

-7 assignments worth 20 pts

-Final test worth 100 pts.
Quiz #1
10 Points
1. What language did Shakespeare write in?

2. True or False: Shakespeare is only liked by people who speak English.

3. True or False: Shakespeare added lots of words to the English language.

4. True or False: Shakespeare only wrote about wealthy people.

5. What important person during Shakespeare's time loved going to his plays?
What Words Don't Make Sense?

Death, that hath sucked the honey of thy breath,
Hath had no power yet upon thy beauty.
Thou art not conquered. Beauty’s ensign yet
Is crimson in thy lips and in thy cheeks,
And death’s pale flag is not advanced there.
Tybalt, liest thou there in the bloody sheet?
O, what more favor can I do to thee
Than with that hand that cut thy youth in twain
To sunder his that was thine enemy?
Forgive me, cousin! Ah, dear Juliet,
Why art thou yet so fair? (5.3.92-102)

Try it again!

Death, that hath sucked the honey of thy breath,
Hath had no power yet upon thy beauty.
Thou art not conquered. Beauty’s ensign yet
Is crimson in thy lips and in thy cheeks,
And death’s pale flag is not advanced there.
Tybalt, liest thou there in the bloody sheet?
O, what more favor can I do to thee
Than with that hand that cut thy youth in twain
To sunder his that was thine enemy?
Forgive me, cousin! Ah, dear Juliet,
Why art thou yet so fair? (5.3.92-102)

Decoding Shakepseare

Thee/Thou= You
I do not know thee.
Thine/Thy= Your
It is thine name I do not know.
Hath= Has
Hath thou taken a bath lately?
Art= Are
Art thou stinky?
I would that you would take a bath.
Ay= Yes
Ay, a bath would be good for thee.
Questions to Ask:
1. Does it sound like a word I know? (example: fest'ring)

2. Does it sound like a word I know when I take the ending off? (example: canst, didst, walketh)

3. Is it on our list of tricky words?
Are the words in a funny order?
Tricky Words
-Change the order of the words.

-Index Card Activity
Two households, both alike in dignity,
In fair Verona, where we lay our scene,
From ancient grudge break to new mutiny,
Where civil blood makes civil hands unclean.
From forth the fatal loins of these two foes
A pair of star-cross'd lovers take their life;
Whose misadventured piteous overthrows
Do with their death bury their parents' strife.
The fearful passage of their death-mark'd love,
And the continuance of their parents' rage,
Which, but their children's end, nought could remove,
Is now the two hours' traffic of our stage;
The which if you with patient ears attend,
What here shall miss, our toil shall strive to mend.
Scene 1: Violence and Hatred
Warning! It starts out a bit confusing. Don't worry. It gets better.
Scene 2: Parents and Young Love
Questions to Consider:

1. Notice where the lines rhyme. Who is talking?
2. Is Lord Capulet a loving and fair father?
3. Who is more reasonable? Benvolio or Romeo?
Scene 3: Parents
Questions to Consider:

1. What is Juliet's relationship with her mother like?
2. How is Lady Capulet different from her husband?
3. Is Juliet love crazy like Romeo?
Scene 4: Love
Questions to Consider:

1. How is Mercutio different from Benvolio?
2. What do Romeo's friends think of his love for Rosaline?
Scene 5: Hatred/ Young Love
Questions to Consider:

1. What does Lord Capulet think of Romeo?
2. What does he think of Tybalt?
3.What attracts Romeo to Juliet?
DOL: Quoting Shakespeare
What we do already:
"I dreamed a dream of time gone by" (23).

"But the tigers come at night with their voices soft as thunder" (67).

"Quote" (#).
How it looks:

"It is an honor I dream not of" (1.3.71).
What we add:
-Line Numbers
What we keep
What we get rid of:
-Example: "Quote" ( ).
-Only 1 thing! The page number.

"Quote" (Act #.Scene #.Line numbers).
Biggest to smallest
"Tut, you saw her fair, none else being by, Herself poised with herself in either eye" (1.3.101-102)
Write all of this in your spiral!
Questions to Consider:
1. Who is looking for a fight?
2. Who is not? Are there voices of reason?
DOL: Quotes for the Quote Chart
"If ever you disturb our streets again, Your lives shall pay the forfeit of the peace" (1.1.98-99).

"Compare her face with some that I show, And I will make thee think thy swan a crow" (1.3.93-94).

Who said it? Translate the quote into your own words.


3 periods in a row
"Oh, then I see Queen Mab hath been with you...This is she" (1.4.58-100).
Quiz: Act 1
1. Which character likes to fight: Benvolio or Tybalt?

2. Who ultimately stops the street fight?

3.Who does Lady Capulet want Juliet to marry?

4. Does Lord Capulet hate Romeo?

5. What attracts Romeo to Juliet?

DOL: Quote Log
"To strike him dead, I hold it not a sin" (1.5.60).

"My only love sprung from my only hate" (1.5.139).

Act 2
Now old desire doth in his death-bed lie,
And young affection gapes to be his heir;
That fair for which love groan'd for and would die,
With tender Juliet match'd, is now not fair.
Now Romeo is beloved and loves again,
Alike betwitched by the charm of looks,
But to his foe supposed he must complain,
And she steal love's sweet bait from fearful hooks:
Being held a foe, he may not have access
To breathe such vows as lovers use to swear;
And she as much in love, her means much less
To meet her new-beloved any where:
But passion lends them power, time means, to meet
Tempering extremities with extreme sweet.
Scene 2: Young Love
1. What are Juliet's two concerns about the relationship?

2.What do Romeo and Juliet compare their love to?
Scene 3: Young Love
1. Whose side of the fight is the Friar on?

2. Does the Friar approve of Romeo's love life?

3. What is Romeo's reason for falling in love with Juliet?
Scene 5/6: Young Love
1. Is Juliet rude and self centered? Or does she care about the nurse?

2. Is the Nurse playing with Juliet or actually frustrated with her?

3. What is the Friar's advice for love? Does Romeo take it?

*NOTE: They have known each other half a day. Time together: Less than an hour. Less than this class period!
1. Choose a character: Romeo or Juliet

2. Choose a movie that you think does a better job of portraying that character: Old or New.

3. Find a quote to support you point. What is said in the book that makes you think that is the right way to portray the character?

4. Write a paragraph (5 sentences! proving your point and include your properly cited quote to support your argument.
1. Summarize this passage in a paragraph.

2. Choose one of our theme that connects to this passage.

3. Write another paragraph describing how the passage relates to the theme. Use a quote to support your analysis.
DOL: Quote Log
"O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo? Deny thy father and refuse thy name" (2.2.36-37).

"O, swear not by the moon, th' inconstant moon, That monthly changes in her circled orb, Lest that thy love prove likewise variable" (2.2.114-116).
Scene 1: Hatred/Violence and Fate
Tybalt has already sent a challenge to Romeo.
Scene 2: Young Love
1. What is Juliet waiting for?

2. How does the nurse feel towards Romeo? What is Juliet's response to her feelings?

3. What does Juliet contemplate doing after she hears Romeo is banished?

4. How would you feel towards Romeo if you were in Juliet's shoes?
Scene 3: Hatred, Young Love, Fate
1. Is Romeo capable of being mature?

2. Does he have reason to be happy?

3. What is his first impulse?

4. Does he behave similarly or differently than Juliet?

Scene 4/5: Parent-Teen Relationships
1. What has stalled Paris' relationship with Juliet?

2. What made Lord Capulet change his mind and rush the marraige?

3. How does Juliet stay true to her love for Romeo in her conversation with her mother?

4. Do Lord and Lady Capulet care about Tybalt's death?
DOL: Quote Log
"Young men's love then lies Not truly in their hearts but in their eyes" (2.3.71-72).

"For this alliance may so happy prove To turn your households rancor to pure love" (2.3.98-99).

Quiz: Act 2
1. How long did it take Romeo and Juliet to fall in love and get married?

2. What does Romeo start to swear by?

3. True or False: Juliet never has any concerns about marrying Romeo right away.

4. What does the Friar think their marriage is going to do to the feud?

5. Who helps them get married?

"Young men's love then lies Not truly in their hearts, but in their eyes" (2.3.71-72). -Friar to Romeo

"For stony limits cannot hold love out, And what love can do, that dares love attempt" (2.2.73-74).
-Romeo to Juliet

" I' faith, I am sorry that thou art not well. Sweet, sweet, sweet nurse" (2.5.56-57). -Juliet to Nurse

"O, she is lame!...But old folks, may feign as they were dead, Unwieldy, slow, heavy, and pale as lead" (2.5.4-17).
1. Is Mercutio looking for a fight? If so, whose side is he on?

2.Is Romeo justified in his revenge?

3. How would the play have been different if Romeo had controlled his rage? How would it have been different if Mercutio had?

4. Do you think the Prince's sentence is just?
Free Write Prompt
Write this on the back of your quiz.

-Write about a time when you wanted revenge for a friend or for yourself.


-Write about a time when you felt unjustly punished.
DOL: Quoting Shakespeare
"Romeo, the love I bear thee can afford No better term that this: thou art a villain" (3.1.61-62).

"A plague o' both your houses" (3.1.103).
She is sad because she thinks he killed himself.

She is distressed because she thinks he and Tybalt are dead.
She is angry at Romeo for killing Tybalt.
She is thankful that Romeo is alive instead of Tybalt. She realizes one of them was going to die.
Juliet's Progression of Thoughts on Romeo
Art Portraying Romeo and Juliet
Romeo und Julia
by Francesco H
ayez in 1823.
French. Oil painting.
The Kiss
by Frank Dicksee in 1884. English. Painting.
Music Portraying Romeo and Juliet
Taylor Swift's "Love Story"
Tchaikovsky's "Romeo and Juliet"
Plot Elements?
Open your spirals up to your
Character Logs
. Make sure that you have something written for the role of each character and beginning description
Compare with a friend.
1. Get into your Book Club PowerPoint Groups.

2. On a single piece of paper (one paper per group) with all of your names on it, answer the following question:

-Which character from Romeo and Juliet is most like the main character of your Book Club book? Explain.

*Autobiography: Jesse
*Saving Juliet: Mimi
*Son of the Mob: Vince
*Armageddon: Jeb OR Marina
*Romiette and Julio: Romiette OR Julio

Incorporating Quotes into a Paragraph
-Introduce the quote by briefly saying who says it and when it is said.

-Include all citation information: " " (Act.Scene.Line).

-Explain what the quote is saying

-Explain why you chose that quote. What makes it important?

-Use a quote as your first sentence

-Use a quote as your last sentence
Juliet is rational. "My husband lives, that Tybalt would have slain...All this is comfort" (3.2.115-117).
In Act 3 Scene 2, Shakespeare portrays Juliet as being very rational. When she finds out that Romeo killed Tybalt, she is first very upset but then quickly becomes reasonable. She says to the nurse, "My husband lives, that Tybalt would have slain...All this is comfort" (3.2.115-117). In this situation, she sees what is good and what is bad in the condition and tries to focus on the good. This shows that Juliet is a rational person.
"My husband lives, that Tybalt would have slain...All this is comfort" (3.2.115-117).

Juliet is rational. She thinks things through. She isn't dumb. She is mature.
When Juliet talks to the nurse, she is very rational. She hears that Romeo killed Tybalt but decides to love Romeo anyways. She knows Tybalt wanted to kill Romeo. She is reasonable.

According to Act 3 Scene 3, how does Romeo handle hardships? What does this tell us about his personality and maturity level?

Write one paragraph answering this question and include a quote to prove your point.

*****Please Proof Read*****
Free Write:

For the next ten minutes write about one of these two prompts (or both if you have time):

1. Write about a time you made a decision without thinking everything through thoroughly.
2 Write about a time you had to say goodbye to someone and you did not know when you would see them again.
Theme Assignment:
1. Get into partners (I will tell you which ones)

2. Grab a piece of butcher paper and a marker or two.

3. Set your poster up like the one on the board.

4. In each square include the following:
-A theme
-Character that connect to those themes
-A quote about that theme
- A picture of that theme
Scene 1 & 2:
Love, Parent-Teen, Fate
1. Why does Lord Capulet want Juliet to get married now?

2. How would his intentions be taken if Juliet was not already married to Romeo?
How would she have reacted?

3. Why does the Friar come up with this plan? Is it a good one?
Scene 3: Juliet's Fears
My dismal scene I needs must act alone.
Come, vial.
What if this mixture do not work at all?
Shall I be married then to-morrow morning?
No, no: this shall forbid it: lie thou there.
[Laying down her dagger]
What if it be a poison, which the friar
Subtly hath minister'd to have me dead,
Lest in this marriage he should be dishonour'd,
Because he married me before to Romeo?
I fear it is: and yet, methinks, it should not,
For he hath still been tried a holy man.
How if, when I am laid into the tomb,
I wake before the time that Romeo
Come to redeem me? there's a fearful point!
Shall I not, then, be stifled in the vault,
To whose foul mouth no healthsome air breathes in,
And there die strangled ere my Romeo comes?
Or, if I live, is it not very like,
The horrible conceit of death and night,
Together with the terror of the place,—
As in a vault, an ancient receptacle,
Where, for these many hundred years, the bones
Of all my buried ancestors are packed:
Where bloody Tybalt, yet but green in earth,
Lies festering in his shroud; where, as they say,
At some hours in the night spirits resort;—
Alack, alack, is it not like that I,
So early waking, what with loathsome smells,
And shrieks like mandrakes' torn out of the earth,
That living mortals, hearing them, run mad:—
O, if I wake, shall I not be distraught,
Environed with all these hideous fears?
And madly play with my forefather's joints?
And pluck the mangled Tybalt from his shroud?
And, in this rage, with some great kinsman's bone,
As with a club, dash out my desperate brains?
O, look! methinks I see my cousin's ghost
Seeking out Romeo, that did spit his body
Upon a rapier's point: stay, Tybalt, stay!
Romeo, I come! this do I drink to thee.
Scene 5:
Parent-Teen, Fate
1. How is the Friar's response different from everyone else's?

2. What is ironic about Juliet's "death"?

3. What comfort does the Friar give the parents? How do they respond to it?
Quiz: Act 3
1. Why is Romeo banished?

2. Where does Romeo go after he is banished?

3. What do both Romeo and Juliet want to do when they hear he is banished?

4. How does the Nurse feel towards Romeo after finding out what he did?

5. Who is willing to help Romeo and Juliet get back together?


1. Get into the same partners as last time.

2. Grab the same posters and get a marker.

3. Use the back of the poster.

4. Listen carefully to my instructions.
Two Days in Romeo's Life
1. First met Romeo:
-Act 1 Scene 1
w= 4
g= 323

2. Where we left him:
-Act 3 Scene 3
w= 76
g= 378
**use a different
quote than the
one you used
in your paragraph

Citing Shakespeare: QUIZ!

Directions: Find Romeo or Juliet's dying quote in the last pages of the play.

It should only be 1 or 2 lines.

Write it down and cite it properly.
Book Clubs
Directions: In your powerpoint groups, write a short paragraph (3-4 sentences) describing how one of our Romeo and Juliet themes connects to a theme in your book club book.

Turn in 1 piece of paper per group. It can be a half sheet.

*Autobiography: Jesse
*Saving Juliet: Mimi
*Son of the Mob: Vince
*Armageddon: Jeb OR Marina
*Romiette and Julio: Romiette OR Julio
Pyrimus and Thisbe
-Read the story
-Write two paragraphs describing what Shakespeare may have taken from this story and used in Romeo and Juliet.
*Choose two of these three topics for your paragraphs:
1. Plot elements
2. Themes
3. Characters
*Include two quotes from Pyramus and Thisbe and one from Romeo and Juliet
-Turn in the story and your paragraphs to the blue stool.
Act 5: Death Scene
1. Did fate lead them to their death? Or was it their choices?

2. What would have happened if Romeo hadn't killed himself? If Juliet hadn't?

3. Are you satisfied with the ending?
Socratic Seminar
Directions: On your slip of paper, write your name. During our discussion of the play, you each must talk once. Once you have contributed to the discussion, I will collect your piece of paper. Until everyone has had a chance to contribute, refrain from commenting.
Three People die!
1. Paris is already dead.
2. We know Romeo and Juliet are going to die.
3. Who is the third person?
Citing Shakespeare: Quote Log
“Then I defy you, stars!" (5.1.25).

“O true apothecary, Thy drugs are quick. Thus with a kiss I die” (5.3.119-120).

“O, happy dagger, This is thy sheath. There rust, and let me die” (5.3. 174-175).
Section 1: Paintings
1. By James Northcote in 1789
2. By Joseph Write in 1790
The Complete Works of Shakespeare Abridged
Review Game
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