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1.3.3 Who Are You Baby Identification

No description

Katie Heist

on 18 December 2012

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Transcript of 1.3.3 Who Are You Baby Identification

Bitahon Industries Infant Identication Bitahon Hospital Infant Biometrics Security System Baby Identification The Skin Test Katie Heist, Chelsie Sears, Molly Brainard, and McKayla Smith Is it impossible to beat?? Of course its not impossible, you could beat it by:
Mother/ Fathers Finger(Print)
Infants Saliva
It requires all the above. Mission Statement This Company is to ensure you:
Unbeatable Security
Accurate Identification
Unbeatable Success Rates Bitahon's available Options Tongue Identification
Skin Identification
Saliva, Cheek DNA,
and Fingerprint Identification Our Security System Motto is that if you borrow a gift you must give it back Saliva Identification Test
Blood Test from Baby and Mother
DNA Test
Fingerprint Scans The Parents must have a skin test before the procedure of the baby being born.
The Test is painless
The machine makes sure the skin test is accurate and clear before proceeding to the birth. After that is done and the entire genetic code is complied in the data base, the machine can be utilized.

On the day the infant is born, the DNA test is uploaded to the data base The issues of privacy do not apply if the hospital uses a mainframe.
Its a 1/4 as accurate as a DNA test
The Machine tests a small amount of chromosomes for accurate efficiency Can it be broken? Skin has limited shelf life
If someone hacks the mainframe and changes the records. The tongue test The DNA of the parents tongue must match to the childs. Can it be beat? It is difficult to beat. You would have to lose skin cells of the person you are trying to imitate. Citations www.firststepventures.com
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