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Medieval India

No description

RubinRax Cena

on 4 May 2016

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Transcript of Medieval India

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Medieval India and Canada
By Daniel
Hello, this is Daniel. Today I am going to teach you about Medieval India and Canada. Just sit back and relax. But don't relax too much, because I might add some questions at the end.

Please enjoy
In Medieval India, poor people mostly eat barley. Which can be turned into bread. Medieval Indians can sometimes eat pancakes and pizza
In Medieval India, poor people had straw houses. Rich had stone houses and later on had brick

Medieval India and Canada
Food Continued
In Canada, we mostly eat things on the Canadian Food Guide {please, no copyright}
Housing Continued

In Canada, we have brick houses and steel buildings
In Medieval India, they used carts, wagons, horses and walking
Transportation Continued
In Canada, we use cars, planes, trains, buses, walking and a lot more
Medieval India's religion is Jainism
and Buddhism
Religion Continued
In Canada, we have lot of
different religions, like
people are Buddhism
In Medieval India, the military is much different than our army
In our military, the army uses guns, tanks, jets and grenades
Family life
In Medieval India, kids marry
at young age
Family Life
In Canada we live the normal life we live
in. Remember people marry at least at age 29
In Medieval India, No stealing or swearing. Also no cursing the gods
Law Continued
In Canada, no stealing, smoking bad things or joke on police
Question time!!
1. Name one religion
2.What do we have in Military?
3.What do we have in transportation that Medieval India has to?
Jainism or Buddhism
2.Tanks, guns, jets and grenades
So I hope you guys enjoyed
and peace out
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