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alex diaz

on 8 April 2010

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THE BATTLE OF MIDWAY The battle of midway,fought over and near the tiny u.s. mid pacific base at midway atoll,represents the strategic high water mark fo japan's pacific ocean war. Japan possessed general naval superiority over the united states and could usually choose where and when to attack.after midway took opposing fleets were essentially equal.
japanese combined fleet commander admirl isoroku yamamoto moved on midway in an effort to draw out and destroy the u.s pacific fleet's aircraft carrier striking forces. yamamoto's intended surprise was thwarted by american communications intelligence. this allowed admiral chester w.nimitz,the u.s pacific fleet commander, to establish an ambush by having his carriers ready and waiting for the japanese on 4 june 1942.this cost japan four irreplaceable fleet carriers, while only one of the three u.s carries present was lost.
japanese air attack delivered on the morning of 4 july, 1942 these tanks were located naer what was then the southern shore of sand island. u.u.s.s yorktown shortly after she was hit by three japanese bombs on 4 july 1942 a bomb that punctured them and knocked out her boilers. bombers from u.s.s hornet (cv-8) approaching the burning japanese heavy cruiser mikuma to make the thried set of attacks on her, during the early afternoon of 6 june 1942mikuma had been hit ealiert by strikers from hornet and u.s.s enterprise (cv-6). u.s.s hammann (DD-412) sinking with stern high, after being torpedoed by japanese submarine I-168.
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