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Solo and study

No description

Nicola Richards

on 4 August 2015

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Transcript of Solo and study

SO what is SOLO....a reminder
Hexagons – Writing key terms and concepts on six-sided pieces of paper and then physically linking them into pairs / groups / sequences will help to solidify the links between terms and concepts. Writing down how they connect is also an important part of the process – here is an example for Economics.
Ways to use SOLO... 1) HOT maps
HOT maps will give a visual aspect to your study notes which may help jog your memory come exam time. The most useful maps for Year 11 students are….
2) When writing paragraph answers
The key advantage of SOLO is that it gets you to interact with the concepts in your subjects in a variety of ways and allows you to think more deeply. If you need more information see your subject teacher or Mrs Richards. nrs@stac.school.nz
3) Hexagons
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