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Fashion and Entertainment of the Elizabethian Era

By: Anmol Boparai, Areeba Aziz, Harvir Ghuman, Jashan Grewal, and Sanchali Rajapakse

Anmol Boparai

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of Fashion and Entertainment of the Elizabethian Era

There were several ways of serving methods, including colors and various different props. Strange and unusual shapes would be used for food presentation and even peacock feathers were put to decorate cooked foods. Women's Fashion Fashion and Entertainment
in the Elizabethan
Era Entertainment Based On Social Class By: Anmol Boparai, Areeba Aziz, Harvir Ghuman, Jashan Grewal, and Sanchali Rajapakse Elizabethan Food Men's Fashion Parts of the Dress: clothing was very heavy and uncomfortable as it consisted of many layers. there were so many layers, that the servants had to dress them everyday. women wore heavy pearls, jewels and diamond. Society was divided in 2 classes: Upper Class and Lower Class. The people in the upper class were wealthy and respected whereas those in the lower class were not treated as fairly. So, entertainment was exceptionally important during the difficult lives of Elizabethans. The Bubonic Plague had life
expectancy very low during the
Elizabethan Era. Clothing was mostly influenced by geometric shapes, not the natural shape and size of the body. Padding was used to show the broad shoulders. Also the impression of small waist and larger hips was given with the dresses. Rules of how to dress in the Elizabethan era:
only the royal people were allowed to wear the colours gold and purple.
the lower class could not wear the same material as the upper class.
the English law dictated the material both upper and lower class could wear. The lower class clothing was also uncomfortable; but not because of the many jewels and layers. This was because the clothing was rather old and had poor quality. One form of entertainment was...... The fashion in the Elizabethan era was very different than it is now, but it was very beautiful and extravagant. Theatre Plays attracted people
from all classes. Royals, like Queen Elizabeth herself,
would've only watched plays in indoor
playhouses. Nobles were likely to pay
5 pennies for better seats in the Lord's
rooms. Commoners paid 1 penny for entrance and stood in the theatre "pit" that was just below the stage. Most theatres could hold up to 1500 people. But the audiences' population often increased to 3000 because of, mostly commoners, cramming outside the theatre. Music In the Elizabethan Era , food and drink depended on your wealth and status. Visual Effects When food and drink was prepared for nobility, especially with banquets and feast, the food would always include great visual effects. Music was one of the most important type of entertainment along with Theater. Music was actually recognized though Theater. Population of audience decreased during the sudden blowup of the Black Plague. Cooking Methods Sports There were several methods used to cook, some of these methods were:
- Spit Roasting
- Baking
- Smoking
- Salting
- Fried H B HEY:) There were many types of Elizabethan music: Daily
Meals Elizabethan Church Music Elizabethan Court Music Lower Class Elizabethan Street Music The Lower Class would eat from wooden or horn dishes. They would also eat three times a day, but it would be less complex than the Upper Class. Elizabethan Town Music Elizabethan Theater Music Music became so popular that all the Universities began to teach this beautiful art too! Hawking and Hunting Bear/Bull Baiting Wrestling Hurling Football (soccer) This sport involved a bear, or a bull,
or sometimes even an ape tied with a rope
to a stake. The animal was put into a pit where
a couple of fierce dogs, or even lions,
were let out to attack the restrained animal. The leading sports for Nobles and Royals. A mixture of Hockey and Polo, where the object of the
game is to strike a ball with a stick and get it over the
opponents goal. The most common game for commoners
was football (soccer).
The government disliked the sport because, at the time, it was exceptionally violent and caused many riots. Music People of all classes went to church where they sang
hymns and secular songs Simple songs and ballads were sung by the Lower class as they did their droning tasks in the village. Anyone who was part of a Noble class or Middle class family was assumed to be able to play and instrument and read music. Fashion in the Elizabethan Era was a huge part of determining the rank, status, or position of a person. If you had the Musical Gift Elizabethan Theater Music People were not allowed to wear what they wanted, it was actually disobeying People were not allowed to wear what they wanted, it was actually disobeying the Elizabethan Sumptuary Clothing Laws. The interest in theater was "enchanted" by music.
In all plays of the theater music became very important.
The taste of music grew when Shakespeare began to use music in his play and poems.
Shakespeare had three categories of his plays and each category had different types emotions attached to them.
Comedies, Tragedies, Histories Lower Class There were several different cooking methods used to prepare Elizabethan food. Some of these methods were:
Spit Roasting
Fried Upper Class Elizabethan Drink In the Middle Ages, the water was not clean and people therefore drank wine and ale. The rich drank both and the poor just drank ale. Honey was used to make a sweet alcoholic drink called mead which was drunk by all classes. Wine was generally imported although some fruit wines were produced in England. A form of cider referred to as 'Apple-wine' was also produced. Ales were brewed with malt and water, while beer contained hops that held a bitter flavor. Other flavors were added to ales and beers such as bayberries, orris, or long pepper. The underclothes were doublets, seperate sleeves, breeches, belts, ruffs, cloaks, shoes, and hats. Upper Class Elizabethan Court Music Elizabethan royalty, the Upper Classes and Nobles would eat their food from silverware. Every Elizabethan had their own knife. Spoons were rarely used because any liquid food, such as soups, was drunk from a cup. Forks were introduced in the late 14th century. The number of daily meals eaten during the day by the Upper Classes were as follows:
Breakfast-Food and Drink was usually served between 6-7
Dinner- Food and Drink was generally served between 12-2
Supper - Was a substantial meal. Food and Drink was generally served between 6-7 and accompanied by various forms of entertainment underclothes:
smock-a chemise made of linen
stocking or hose
farthingale-hooped skirt
a roll
partlet In Elizabethan Court Music many instruments were introduced.
Violin Viol
Early Oboe Hautboy
Keyboard Instruments Spinet, Harpsichord, Virginals
The keyboard instruments became most famous and recognized because of the beautiful sounds they made.
Music was a talent that not many people had; to have that skill was considered very lucky. over clothes:
separate sleeves
hat Hurling The most common sport for commoners was soccer (football). The most common sport for commoners was soccer (football). The most common sport for commoners
was soccer (football). Elizabethan Street Music Street Music was played in the markets on the streets
Street music was also sometimes played in festivals, fairs and some fests.
The used instruments were very light and very easy to carry
The main instruments used in Street Music were:
The Lute
Other small Percussion Instruments footwear: fitted boots
pumps (light slip on shoes)
clogs (wooden shoes)
buskins(calf length boots)
pinsons(very delicate shoes) Makeup: those in the upper class wore lots of makeup, mainly to hide any scars and to maintain their illusion of beauty
to hide their aging, women in the upper class wore white makeup, which was made of white lead and vinegar. it was poisonous! jewelry: Elizabethan Town Music earrings
bracelets( made of gold and silver with precious jewels
necklaces(gold and silver chains)
rings( gold and silver with precious jewels. The "Waits" were the officials of town music
They sold the High-pitched pipes and the Hautboys.
The Waits always played at the town and/ civic ceremonies
They always played at free concretes for everyone. Elizabethan Church Music The Church Music was the most beautiful of all
Some Elizabethan Composers only composed music for Church
There were two most famous styles that were commonly used:
The Madrigal
The Ayre This type of Music included:
Scared Songs Elizabethan Musical Instruments Cooking Utensils A large amount of Elizabethan cooking was done over an open flame. Some of the useful cooking utensils that were used were pots , pans kettles,skillets and cauldrons. To prepare food, a range of knives,ladles,meat forks and scissors were used. Hairstyles Underclothes
and Over clothes Shirts Footwear Elizabethan Sumptuary
Clothing Law Hairstyles: their hairstyles were very elaborate and sophisticated
once a woman was married, she had to wear her hair up
a girl with long flowing hair symbolized a young, virgin girl. The Elizabethan Instruments were included into the Musical Instruments that were created during the Medieval Times
The Instruments from both times were "emerged" together to make better instruments and to improve their sounds
There were many instruments that were made and used at the time Fabrics and Materials: upper class: velvets, furs, silks,
satin, lace, cotton lower class: wool, linen, sheepskin
(silk and velvet trimmings were
not allowed) Head Wear Wind Instruments String Instruments Keyboard Instruments The most Popular instrument in the Elizabethan Era was The Lute. The Lute was originally made during the Medieval Era. The Lute was beautiful sounding instrument. The sound of the lute was very loving and amazing. THE END :) Percussion Instruments Underclothes-
Stockings or hoses
Corsets Over Clothes-
Separate Sleeves
Hats Kings, Knights, Dukes, Marquises
and Earls wore purple silk clothing. People of the Lower Class would wear brown, beige, yellow, orange, russet, green, grey or blue clothing made from wool, linen or sheepskin. The taller the hat the more important the man. Upper Classes wore tall crown hats. Lower Classes wore wollen flat caps and muffin caps. Length of hair was short at the beginning of the era and gradually increased in length. Long hair was required to be curly. To keep their hair in place, men often placed wax or gum in their hair! Beards were pointed, square, and round. Worn under many upper garments such as the doublet or the jerkin. Materials used were silk for the Lower Class and holland, lawne, and camerick for the Upper Class. Made of velvet and silk for those in the Upper Class and stout or fine leather for those in the Lower Class. Some examples are boots, gamaches (a high boot), startups (worn for protective covering), and chopines (slip on shoes).
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