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Dental School Program

No description

Alicia Boyd

on 14 May 2015

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Transcript of Dental School Program

How many times a day and how long we brush our teeth
What else do we have to brush
How to floss and why it's important
3 reason why we need our teeth
Healthy and unhealthy snacks
How much sugar is in our food
The difference in good and bad sugar
Best way to drink a sugary drink
What a cavity is and how you get one
Get the kids from their class
Give them their chart
Take X-rays
Perform Exam
Give them a bag
Send them back to class
Making the schedule:
Enter all the permission slips.
Verify all the insurances.
Call parents if they need to switch.
Order the schedule by grade and class.
Setting up the clinic.
One X-Ray station.
One exam chair.
Two or Three hygeine chairs.
Goody bags.
Enter each chart in the system
Develop x-rays
Sterilize instruments
Write and send dental reports
Dental School Program
Vanessa Aguinaga.
Susan Charlot
School Clinic
"You only have to brush and floss the teeth you want to keep."
- Dr. Shultz

Clinic Day:
Wrapping up:
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