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Small is the New Big

How SMEs can leverage Social Media

Jay Oatway

on 29 September 2011

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Transcript of Small is the New Big

Be Local,
Reach Global A Connected Harbour report estimates the Internet will grow to contribute 7.2% of Hong Kong's GDP in 2015... – faster than the forecasted GDP growth of 4%. 2011 Social Media Marketing
Industry Report What's the single most important Social Media
tool today? This is all on you,
the individual. Don't stop at our borders. Links to all the resources used in this Prezi, plus:
- How recent Facebook changes will affect small businesses
- What drives small business social media engagement
- The weekly schedules for #SmallBizChat on Twitter
(along with many other industry #chats)
- Links to all the best social media news curated by Jay Oatway
Word of mouth is
EVERYTHING!!! Everyone Must
Act Like A
Mom & Pop
Shop The Biggest Culture Shift Of Our Lives: Mass Media
Mass Marketing
Mass Production Social Media
Friend Recommendations
Personalized Service A return to 1:1 sales & marketing The Great
of Business

Control is a thing of the past
The results are not always what you plan for
Often they are better
That's what being human is all about
It's not what makes machines work well
We like being human. We can’t help it
something big business is struggling with Moving away from machine-based organizations
Embracing ideas consistent with what it means to be human
Relationships matter
So does trust
So does meaning, humor, transparency, authenticity, and creativity In Social Media:
That is why
we are flocking
to social media. The Biggest Advantage
of Being Small: 100% social
from the ground up Make it easy for customers to share their excitement about you Survey of 3,342 Socially Enabled SMB Owners conducted by Social Media Examiner:

48% increased sales
58% reduced marketing costs
59% found new partnerships
62% had an improvement in search rankings
72% saw an increase in traffic
88% agreed it increaded brand awareness

Listening Learn about the actual people, not the demographic, who are (potentially) important to your business. Don't Try To Out Muscle
The Marketing Giants. Out Care
Them. The biggest beneficiaries in
Hong Kong will be small businesses! http://j.mp/smlnewbig ? ? ? @JayOatway
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