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Spiritualism in the Victorian Era

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Carly McGrath

on 20 November 2013

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Transcript of Spiritualism in the Victorian Era

Spiritualism in the Victorian Era
By: Evan, Carly, Katie

The Victorian's Supernatural Beliefs
The Victorians had many supernatural beliefs. Although they didn't believe in death, they believed in life after death. Some of their beliefs were: If you had a mental illness, then you were thought of to have believed in the devil. Another supernatural belief they had was that the moon affected illness and that the medication was more likely to help if taken during a particular stage in the lunar cycle. Lastly, they believed that the spirits who were in the afterlife controlled human actions in the real world.
Supernatural Entertainment
The Victorians didn't only believe in spirits, they used them for entertainment too. They used spiritual events as entertainment because it brought comfort to those who believed and it combined methods and discoveries of science with the religious idea of the after life. If you wanted to be entertained with spirits then you could: sit for spirit photos, watch a show where voices talked through floating trumpets and, watch messages write themselves on sealed slates.
Séance is another term for sitting. The Victorians thought that the only place a spirit would communicate with them was at a Séance. Most commonly, people would get a group together and they would try to communicate to the dead. They would usually sit in a circle around a table.
Franz Mesmer
Franz Mesmer contributed a lot to spiritualism in the 18th century. He was born in 1734 and he died in 1815. He was an Austrian Physician and he used mesmerism to entertain his audiences. He also used mesmerism to influence the behavior of the people under his "spell". Mesmer said that his work tapped into a magnetic flow in the human body.
Franz Mesmer
More beliefs the Victorians had.
There are many more supernatural beliefs that the Victorians had. One belief is that souls survive death and live in a world called the Spirit World. The Victorians also believed that souls could talk to the material world by way of a medium, a person who communicates with the dead. Another belief was that the souls in the Spirit World were conscious of the lives of the people they left behind. Lastly, the Spiritualists said that the souls in the Spirit World were similar to who they were when they were alive.

More interesting facts about Spiritualism in the Victorian Era.
Some additional facts about Spiritualism in the Victorian Era is that in 1848 the Foxes sisters had just moved in to a new home with their family. Both Maggie and Kate (Foxes Sisters) began to hear a mysterious noises in their home. They began making some noises back to the noises they heard before. Later on they learned that the noises were coming form a murdered peddler, which some of his remains were left behind. The Foxes sisters then became celebrities for this belief.
This is a picture of a Séances, and this is a group of people trying to talk to the dead.
Impacts of Spiritualism

Spiritualists taught humans that talking to spirits in the Spirit World showed them that their actions in life follow them in death. As a result, the hope was that humans would act better and be kinder in life. Spiritualists also tried to help humans not be afraid of death.
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