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Volunteer Project

Volunteer Project - Civics - 2012/2013

Lauren Clark

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Volunteer Project

Grading papers, Holly Springs Food Cupboard, Ft. Bragg Fisher House Volunteer Project Grading Papers Holly Springs Food Cupboard Ft. Bragg Fisher House Description Grading papers for an MCHS teacher.
Graded tests, quizzes, notes and pretty much anything that I was given.
Went in most days after school. Pros/Cons Pros Saved some of the teacher's time.
The teacher gave me a soda.
I got to listen to music while I graded the papers.
I got to watch an episode of Wipeout.

Cons Was VERY tedious.
Some kids got very bad grades.
There were so many papers to grade and it was kind of overwhelming. Why I Chose To Do This I was in the classroom one day after school and asked the teacher if they needed any help. The teacher did, so it I just started to do it without thinking about the project. Then I was like, "Hey! This is technically volunteering!" What I Learned How to be patient
Come up with quicker ways to do things
That I like grading papers
It's very soothing
What I Learned I learned that I should be more thankful to have meals and that little places like this need all the help that they can get. I also learned that there are so many places like the Food Cupboard and that they all need donations and manual labor. Oh, and that organizing is kind of my thing. Why I Chose To Do This I chose to volunteer here because I had never heard of it before. Matt also told me about it and I thought that they were providing a great service to the community so I wanted to help out. Pros/Cons Pros I got to help the lady's who ran the Cupboard organize and clean.
I also got to help them save some time by lending an extra hand.
I can put this on my college transcript. :) Cons It was very cold in the house.
I kept spilling the rice that I was packaging.
The organizing was a little confusing.
Description I helped organize donated packaged food in labeled containers.
I also helped sweep the storage area.
With the assistance of Matt, I measured out rice that could later be given to families. What I Learned I learned what a blessing cooking a simple meal could be to a struggling family or individual. I also learned that every person who comes has a different story and all have different views on the war. I also learned about the founder of the Fisher Houses. Why I Chose To Do This I heard about this place from my dad and I thought it was amazing. I have also been interested in helping military families and giving back to them, because they give so much. I also thought that preparing a meal would be a huge blessing to them. Pros/Cons Pros I had the chance to bless a few families with a free, freshly prepared meal.
I got to see the HUGE military base.
I got the chance to meet a few amazing people.
Cons I had to wash and put away dishes.
It was relatively far away.
We kind of burnt a few cookies. Description I cooked spaghetti and meatballs, cookies and rolls with my family. We also made salad.
We also helped do the dishes and put them away.
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