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Old Taylor

Old Taylor Presentation

Antonio Sánchez

on 10 May 2013

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Transcript of Old Taylor

Old Taylor A different spirit of life since 1956 Thanks for your attention!!! - We believe in honesty and seriousness in the work, to offer the best of us.

- Thanks to the effort of all our team, we keep trying to improve and innovate with the illusion of the first day.

- We are in textile market for more than 50 years, allowing us to be specialists in this market. History Mission and vision Values and Estrategy 1956 - D. José Estiragués Godall sets up Creaciones Artenserie in Zaragoza.
1982 – The company convert into Limited Company with the incorporation of D. Luis and D. José Estiragués Vilardaga.
1993 – Our own factory is opened in Tunisia.
1994 – Creaciones Artenserie launches a new brand for Men´s Clothes OLD TAYLOR
1997 – The company expands to the European Union.
1999 – Launching the new line of women´s collection “NURIA VILARDAGA”.
2003 – The company introduces the new range of clothes for young people called “ZEHN”.
2004 – New line OLD TAYLOR CASUAL.
2005 – The company moves to their new premises in the industrial estate "Centrovía" in La Muela (Zaragoza) on a surface of 14,000 sq.m.
2006 – 50th Anniversary.
2009 – We create our online Shop.
2010 – 2011- We open 5 Shops and 2 Outlets.
2012 - Presece in Internet and we open our 3rd Outlet in Andorra. We start our cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce and AREX in order to develop our brands in South America.
2012 – Aster Award 2012 to Artenserie Creations by his business career. Branches International Branches NORTH FRANCE
RUSSIA Our Factory Sales Points Fairs AIS Ladies wear Spring 2013 UK (2012)
International SIMM Fair in Madrid (2012)
Targi Mody Poznan en Poland (2011)
Ladies wear A/W 2011 Show in United Kingdon (2011)
Internacional SIMM Fair in Madrid (2011)
AIS Men Wear Fair in United Kingdon (2011)
The Brandery Fair in Barcelona (2011)
Market Fair in Las Vegas (2011)
Internacional SIMM Fair in Madrid (2010)
CPM Fair in Moscú (2009)
Magic Fair in Las Vegas (2009) Internet www.oldtaylor.com shop.oldtaylor.com www.facebook/pages/oldtaylor.com Advertisement in Polish Magazine Press Press Italian Magazine TV TV Producciones Mandarina´s TVmovie
– Actors styling Sponsorships Collaborator
Padel Competition
Zaragoza (2010) Sponsor
Padel Competition
Vitoria (2011) Pol.Ind.Centrovia
C/Los Ángeles,7
50198 La Muela (Zaragoza)

www.facebook.com/artenserie Creaciones Artenserie SL. Old Taylor Golf Competition
Zaragoza 2010, 2011 and 2012 Sponsorships Sponsorships Sponsor of COFIDIS cycling team Sponsorships The Getafe football players
are dressed by Old Taylor Season 2011-12 Fashion Events Fashion Show
Old Taylor in Servimoda (2010) Fashion Events Fashion Show Old Taylor in Targi Mody
Poland (2011) Fashion Events Old Taylor in Pasarela Gasteiz 2011/12 PRESS Sponsorships Events Currently our brand is present in 1.200 sell points in more than 20 countries.
Our goal is to be one of the fashion companies of reference in our country and beyond, associating our brand with quality and design. Distribution of garments for men, women and young peolpe in Spanish, France, Portugal, Greece, Italy, Polish and Belgium markets. Member Member Palermo France Salou Vitoria (cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr Zaragoza Press Our trade mark philosophy "a different spirit of life since 1596" stands out the idea of a man and a woman who look for a way of dressing and living in an enviroment where the urban rhythm and the sport way of dressing in contact with nature go together.
From its establishment in 1956, the Old Taylor trade mark has looked for the inspiration for its collections in the sportwear way. Brands A different spirit of life since 1956 Our Designers Spain Spain Spain Roubaux Italy Press Poland Sponsorships Padel Sponsorships Getafe Team dressed by Old Taylor again 2012-2013 Sponsorships Social Media Zaragoza Instagramers Photo Contest Zaragoza Sponsorships José Pascual Francisco Gimeno
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