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Homelessness Prejudice

No description

Emma Agebrand

on 13 December 2014

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Transcript of Homelessness Prejudice

How you Spread Awareness
578,424 people that were homeless on any given night
Out of 578,424 there are 216,197 that are families
15% are chronically homeless meaning that they have been homeless for a year or more.
The largest decrease in homelessness were in Florida and Colorado
About 100 million homeless people worldwide
Homeless individuals are 60%-80% more likely to be victimized than any other demographic.
How we are taking action
We have the made the choice to spread awareness by using social media.
Created a Twitter account as well as an Instagram account

Follow us on Twitter: @LoVeHomeless
(Favor and Retweet to Help)
Follow us on Instagram: LoVe4Homeless
(Like and Repost to Help)
What you can do?
for them and help get the word out that they do matter and that they are hardworking
- Donate to services which help the homeless
- You can volunteer at a local soup kitchen or shelter
The civil war ended five years ago.
Large rise in the number of homeless people
Term Hobo started

the great depression the
number of homeless people rose
"play a game" with homeless people

Homelessness Prejudice
By Emma A, Ashley B, Annie H
Prejudice Against The Homeless
Prejudice Today
A test using neuroimaging machines proved that the brain recognizes a homeless person as a thing, not a person.
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Homeless people commit more violent crimes then housed people
Homeless people do not work
Homeless people get their money from public assistance programs
All homeless people are mentally ill
They commit less crimes compared to housed. It is 25% commit crimes are homeless while 35% are housed people
About 40% work
20% use public assistance.
1/4 are mentally ill and 40% use drugs or alcohol and 15% have disabilities
Many of them are schizophrenia, depressed and bipolar
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Zarah Teachey, a 50 year old women that was formerly homeless, states "You're looked at like you're trash. It's like they think you want nothing out of life. Like you're not still a person."

Prejudice Today
Jimmy's story shows the prejudice that homeless people are all criminals that steal to get by.
The Fresh Harvest Food Bank
Ashley helped wrap Christmas presents for families that are not able to afford them on their own. Many volunteers helped hand out the gifts to families. These families could be homeless or just in need of some support. By helping them, we are eliminating the prejudice that homeless people are not working hard to provide for their family.
Presents for the families are in the bags
The Fresh Harvest Food Bank Background
Prejudice Today
Interview with the founding director of the Fresh Harvest Food Bank, Mrs. Dietz
The main objective/purpose of the Fresh Harvest Food Bank: To provide hunger relief, support neighbors in need, provide clothing, and donate to other organizations
The type of people it supports: Mostly families with children
What makes the organization successful: There are a lot of volunteers willing to help those in need
Based on interview with Mrs. Dietz, the founder director of the organization
Someone may be homeless because...
They lost their job
Medical or other crises
Genetically poor-always in a tough situation and grew up poor
Who really are the homeless?
People living with family friend and people that do not have a permanent home
Over 700 students in Douglas County that are homeless
Manna food and clothing bank
What they do:
Supply medical, clothing and food to homeless people or people that need help
They can pick up these things at CHCC
Tuesdays 10 - 11 a.m. or 6 - 7 p.m.
To help the community
Collecting donates and having volunteers
What we will do?
You can serve and help Manna by
collecting donations
Help organize
Help serve the people when they come to manna
The Gathering Place
A day shelter for women and children
Main objective:
To provide care for women and children who are experiencing homeless
Card project:
The card project is a program where women can create cards and sell them for a profit
Follow the social media campaign
Twitter= LoVeHomeless
Instagram= LoVe4Homeless
Share the youtube video which is called Homelessness PSA by Dumplying

What are we doing
When volunteering at the shelter, volunteers pack cards to sell and talk with the women. For the few that suffer with a mental illness it is helpful to have somebody around to talk to when they are painting.
For more information visit their website: Freshharvestfoodbank.org or call them at 720-381-6169
To take action you can donate money to their organization or volunteer!
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