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The Good and Bad Effects of Physical Change

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Maita Karmela Susarno

on 3 January 2015

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Transcript of The Good and Bad Effects of Physical Change

Physical Change: Good Side
is a crucial part of the water cycle. Water from all areas on Earth will not be recycled if they will not evaporate and turn into water vapor as clouds in the sky.

is important in transforming water vapor to droplets water stored in clouds.
Physical Change: Good Side
The Good and Bad Effects of Physical Change and Chemical Change

enables us to store and preserve meats and other foods in a long period of time. Microorganisms, the ones that cause food spoilage, hate cold places.

is used in metal industries to mold cans, furniture, utensils, and swords. Some of the toys are also molded by melting.
Chemical Change: Good Side
The food industry also makes use of chemical change to create cheese, vinegar, milk and wine

Chemical Change
is also used in making clothes, synthetic fibers, wools and plastics

of living things is also made possible by chemical change
Environmental Changes
Ozone Depletion
- The ozone layer is now reduced significantly due to chemical change.
Global Warming
- The greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide, are naturally found in the atmosphere. But when there is too much build up of carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide, the heat generated by the planet Earth is trapped that cause global warming.
Acid Rain
- is a rainwater - made acid pollution that can cause harm to our environment.
Chemical Change: Bad Side

Food Spoilage
caused microorganisms and rusting of metals is also due to chemical change.

Environmental Changes
Ozone Depletion
Global Warming
Acid Rain
Physical Change: Bad Side
Too much freezing and melting deforms plastic wares and other household materials.

Too much evaporation results in too much withering of plants and soil

Too much condensation of water leads to too much precipitation, which can cause landslides and flooding
Chemical Change: Good Side
Animals make use of chemical reaction to convert the food they eat to energy

Leaves of plants use chemical reaction through photosynthesis, changing carbon dioxide and water to glucose and sugar. Ripening of fruits also requires chemical change
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