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Shoot for the Stars

No description

Lex Butler

on 11 March 2014

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Transcript of Shoot for the Stars

Shoot for the Stars!
Love for Sports
Played basketball, baseball, and football growing up.
Loved football the most, and I had always dreamed of going into the NFL.
Lex Butler
Former Defensive Back (DB) at Duke University ('13 Graduate)
Brother (Lee) also played DB at Duke

(1st Year) Graduate Assistant Sports Performance Coach for Duke Football
Pursuing a Masters of Arts and Liberal Studies degree

Background Information
Born: Greenwood, SC
Raised: Anderson, SC

Parents divorced when I was younger.
Raised by my Grandmother (Annie) and Dad (Lee Sr.).
Spent time with my Mother (Angel) often.
Schools Attended Before High School
West Market (Preschool)
New Prospect Elementary (1997 - 02)
Lakeside Middle School (2002 - 05)
Played football for the school in 8th grade
Ran track for Westside High School
Westside High School
(2005 - 09)
Honor Roll Student (4 years)
Played varisty football and was a member of the track and field team.
Recruited by several schools to play football.
Member of the Beta Club.
Won the senior superlative for "Best All-Around"
Voted "Most Outstanding" student of the class by my peers.
(left to right) Me, Dad (Lee Sr.), Lee, Jr., Aleah, Tyler
Signed and Attended Duke University
Earned a full-scholarship to play football at Duke University.
Major: Computer Science/Sociology
Certificate: Information Science + Information Studies (ISIS)
Graduated from Duke...
Graduated May 2013 with a 3.2 GPA
All-ACC Honor Roll (4 years)
Made the Dean's List (3.75)
University and Athletics provided me with resources (tutors, supplies, etc.) to help me succeed academically
Hired onto the football staff as a Graduate Assistant coach
Currently pursuing a graduate degree.
Did not make it to the NFL, but I am on track to succeed in another aspect of life
What are you doing when no one is watching?

"Treat everyday like an interview" (dress, mannerisms, etc.)
Somebody is always watching you.
Do the right thing!
[School]work First,
Play Later!
Listen and ask questions.
No such thing as a "bad" question.
Do ALL of your work to the best of your ability.
Never use the word "CAN'T".
[School]work First, Play Later!
Choose Your Friends Wisely
"You are who you hang around"
Choose Your Friends Wisely
Everyone is not your friend
Choose friends who have the same goals (i.e. go to college, become a doctor, etc)
Do NOT be afraid to say "NO!"
Social Media
Social Media
Be careful what you post (e.g. pictures, posts, etc.)
What you post, never goes away!
Jobs look at social media sites
It will catch up with you later in life
NEXT: Advice to become
Joined Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.
Became a member of the Iota Xi Chapter on March 16, 2012
Served as the Treasurer (2012 - 13)
Received the "Kappa Man of the Year Award" for my chapter.
Received an award for "Outstanding New Member" at the Duke University Greek Awards
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