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Rhythm Rings

No description

Jason Dunleavy

on 11 March 2014

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Transcript of Rhythm Rings

Rhythm Rings "musicians start here" Jason Dunleavy Chief Executive Officer Tulane University Samantha Burd Chief Marketing Officer University of
Miami Jake Louw Chief Financial Officer RPI Alexander Evangelatos Chief Operating Officer Brown University Our Team Facebook.com/RhythmRings Twitter.com/RhythmRings Linkedin.com/in/RhythmRings Questions? Benefits of Music Education Like Us Follow Us Connect With Us What If...? The Product How It Works The Software The Results Target Market Demographics Our Customers Distribution Distribution The Bottom Line Projections Break-Even Analysis Some Important Numbers Exit Strategy Our Vision More Instruments Schools Giving Back Logistics Advertising SWOT Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats The Problem Bolsters general education Improves math, reading, language, creativity and social skills Effects are most evident in children who start young Young children have difficulty reading music Correlation between finger usage and notes is challenging Parents spend a lot of money on private tutors Dropout rates are highest in the early stages An aid to facilitate finger usage with notes Huge savings A way to get children motivated Ages 6 though 13 Learning first instrument Technologically inclined Little musical knowledge Eager to learn Busy lifestyles Schedules subject to change Parents of our target market Ages 30 through 50 Middle and upper classes Male and female Little musical knowledge Busy lifestyles Sales through our website and other web intermediaries Manufacturing outsourced Innovative concept Cost effective Works for multiple instruments Competitors do not have hardware Currently only for certain band instruments New company; lack of capital Expansion with new instruments New markets Competitors have pre-existing foothold Expand Our Markets Combining pre-existing technology Contract with BaySource Global FedEx International Economy DirectDistribution Big-box retailers and music stores Beginning year one, we will volunteer our time Starting year three, donate our money and product Introduction into big-box retailers Patent not finalized Liquidate assets Sell patent 7,324 units The Concept Pay off debts Investors will receive optimum returns Price $149.99 Production costs $89.99 40% Profit Margin $220,000 Loan $20 budget per day First Year $20 budget per day "education life" publication two issues one issue national issue Daily Deal websites How You Can Help Advertising Rent & Expenses Research & Development
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