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Apollo 18

No description

Andrew a

on 26 February 2015

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Transcript of Apollo 18

Why do people think Apollo 18 happened?
Some people think Apollo 18
happened because after Apollo 14 N.A.S.A. planned for Apollo 18,19 and 20. After budget cuts N.A.S.A. had to cancel Apollo 19 and 20 and they rescheduled Apollo 18. After Apollo 18's launch date passed with out a launch and top secret footage from Apollo 18 found, people started to wonder what happened.
Richard Gordon serving as commander; Harrison Schmitt, as lunar module pilot; and Vance Brand, as command module pilot. According to N.A.S.A.
all of the astronauts above were the back up
crew for Apollo 15.
Harrison Schmitt
Apollo18 was scheduled
to launch December 21,1974 but there
is no proof that suggests that Apollo 18 every launched or landed.
On September 2,2011 the movie
Apollo 18 was released. It supposedly
had real footage from the top secret
Apollo 18 mission. In the movie Commander Nathan Walker, Lieutenant Colonel John Grey, and Captain Ben Anderson launched for the moon to anticipated attacks from the USSR. After a night the astronauts found a dead cosmonaut and they knew something was wrong. The next day after they found their flag torn down they thought it was time to go home. After a night of hearing strange noises they knew they had to get permission to go home.When one of the astronauts felt something in his suit and NASA not responding to their transmissions
there was only one explanation, they were only on the moon to see why the cosmonaut ship never returned home and to see if there was Aliens on the moon! Some people believed that the movie was all real but most people thought that it was all fiction.
Why do people think Apollo 18 Happened?

After Apollo 18's launch day past and people found top secret footage of Apollo 18, people started to wonder if Apollo 18 didn't or did launch.

When was Apollo 18 supposed to launch?

Apollo 18 was supposed to launch December 21,1974.

Did the Apollo 18 movie make more people think Apollo 18 was true?

Yes the Apollo 18 movie did make more people think Apollo 18 might have launched.
Apollo 18 Trailer
People will never be 100% sure if Apollo 18 launched or didn't launch but I hope I helped you choose if you are a believer or not.
There are plenty of facts that
you probably know like who was the first
Man on the moon and who
Chris Hadfield is. But do you know
anything about Apollo 18? If you do that is
kind of weird but if you don't read on!
The cover up story
NASA says that all the astronauts
In the movie Apollo 18 never were part
of the NASA Space program. Plus NASA
says that all the footage used in the movie
Apollo 18 was not real. I think it is all fake because
you can't launch a rocket without people seeing the smoke or the rocket in the sky.
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