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EMC Blueprints: SDS

No description

EMC Corp

on 29 July 2015

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Transcript of EMC Blueprints: SDS

We have entered a
Data is expected to be available, from anywhere, at any time

Yet, data centers across the world are comprised of heterogeneous storage environments
No unified access to data locked in silos
Manual, repetitive, time consuming tasks required to manage data
Growth across the silos resulting in higher costs
Increased complexity compounded by fewer people doing more work
The dynamic nature of cloud enables a flexible data center - a software-defined data center, where network, compute, and storage resources are abstracted, pooled and automated to meet new workloads - instantly
Data can continue to reside in heterogeneous sets of storage
Users can gain the same user experience as a public-cloud provider in a private cloud environment
IT can lower costs and maintain control
Have a defined path that protects storage investments while meeting future demands
Allows businesses to run data centers on par with public cloud services, without investing in new hardware or development
An SDS platform is highly available,
highly scalable and geo-distributed.

to automate storage management
to extend beyond
to build a system with universal APIs and data services
Policy-driven automation keeps operational costs down even when massive data growth is present
Global data services for existing hardware provides a seamless path to the cloud and protects investments
Open environment that works on heterogeneous arrays allows consumers to choose systems
ViPR was built with cloud in mind - maintaining all of the cloud properties:
highly scalable
highly available

ViPR has combined traditional and emerging infrastructure capabilities - the first system to collide these 2 worlds into 1 simple, extensible, open storage platform

ViPR decouples the Control and Data Paths to abstract physical storage into virtual pools that preserves performance and full value of underlying arrays

control path

data path
ViPR reduces manual provisioning through policy-based automation with self-service access to storage. For example – customers can go from a multi-step manual process to a 1-click automated process

Automates and centralizes storage management, configuration, and provisioning
Storage abstractions that reflect a combination of a data type, access protocols and durability, availability, and security characteristics
To download an interactive PDF of the ViPR Story, visit:
Provides a light weight, modern, globally distributed platform that extends to any storage array without compromise
Brings service levels and workload together into 1 completely open ecosystem
Is managed as a single system with end-to-end visibility and controls
Abstracts physical storage from heterogeneous arrays into a single pool of virtual storage, retains the value of each underlying array
Centrally manages utilization, health, reporting across tenants with metering and chargeback
Pools storage resources into logical Virtual Storage Arrays by location and like characteristics
Automates storage provisioning through policy-driven Virtual Storage Pools that are delivered via service catalog with self-service access
Open, standard APIs, free applications from storage dependencies, provide flexibility and choice
User can choose how applications run - existing and new apps can run against existing or new infrastructure
Apply new global data services – like object – to meet new workloads on existing infrastructure such as file

1. Transform the Data Center with EMC ViPR Software-Defined Storage
2. Simple, Extensible, Open: Unleash the Value of Data with EMC ViPR Global Data Services
3. EMC ViPR Software-Defined Storage

Jeremy Burton
EVP of EMC Product Operations and Marketing
Amitabh Srivastava
President of EMC Advanced Software Division
David Goulden
EMC President & COO
View Full Video Here: http://emcworld.com/emctv.htm?id=2360615748001
View Full Video Here: http://emcworld.com/emctv.htm?id=2360615748001
View Full Video Here: http://emcworld.com/emctv.htm?id=2363465074001
Deploy a fully automated, simple, extensible and open storage software platform
Get a handle on massive data growth - while managing operational costs
4. Full collection of ViPR resources on EMC.com
Lowers costs, improves agility and leverages intelligence of underlying storage arrays
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