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rare albino alligator

No description

Tara Henderson

on 30 January 2018

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Transcript of rare albino alligator

about rare albino alligator
albino alligator temporary home is in Utah's Hogle Zoo, salt lake city,Utah may,2007-October 2007 there permanent home: Audubon Zoo, New Orleans,Louisiana there were born in a year 1987, there species:American Alligator (alligator ) there gender is male sized About 9 feet there weight is about 100kg (As of July 2006) the color of there skin is white they have blue eyes also the rare coloration is due to genetic mutation called Leucism (loo-Sism). white alligator do not survive if they are left in the swamp.here some reason why
1.they don't blend in when regular colored alligators hunt for prey, they float in water with just their eyes and nostrils showing. they look like logs or weeds until they lunge for a
turtle,bird or muskrat.A white alligator.

the history behind albino alligator
In August of 1987 in bayou southwest of new Orleans, three Cajun
fisherman discover 18 baby white Alligator in a west with seven normal-colored siblings. eventually they were taken to the Audubon Zoo in New Orleans, which now houses many of the white gators. The rest are being raised by The Louisiana Land and Exploration Company, which owns the property where the nest was found.

All of the white Alligator and their siblings were males the sex of the Alligator is determined by the temperature of the nests. some nest produce females, some males, and some a mix when these babies were found they were about two weeks old measured eight to ten inches, but now they are eight fee or

fun facts
Members of the crocodile family, alligator are living fossils that can be traced back 230 million years

The alligator become the official state reptile of Florida in 1987. it is also the mascot of university of Florida at Gaines ville.
I hope you guys enjoy my presentation and I hope you guys learn more about Alligator especially white alligators. and i hope you guys liked my visual pieces
what's the different of alligator and CROC
Alligator Have Broad, Rounded Snouts. with their mouths closed, only the teeth in the upper jaws show.

rare albino allgator
hey, my name is Mae i like researching wild animals especially alligator's, lion,tiger,cheetah, i pick rare albino alligator because it's the rarest alligator in the world
you guys are gonna learn more facts about albino animals hope you enjoy if you guys can see this is what rare albino alligator look like have fun.
crocodiles have long, tapered With their mouths closed, their fourth tooth in the lower jaw juts up behind the tip of the nose.
Alligator can tolerate colder weather.
crocodile Can't stand the cold weather.
Alligator don't compete well with Alligator
crocodile Are fast and efficient hunters
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