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Transitioning to Online Learning

No description

Christopher Bowers

on 18 January 2015

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Transcript of Transitioning to Online Learning

Collaboration Even if you don't want to teach completely online, you will be able to use Moodle Tools to ENHANCE the learning environment. Benefits to Online Learning Course Development Development Checklist Netiquette Accessibility Students and the instructor should have
regular access to the internet. When posting
files or watching video files, a high-speed internet connection works best. Expectations Just like a traditional classroom,
give your class guidance and
clear expectations of how to
complete a project and due dates. Communication What will be your official mode of communicating?
Moodle Announcements
Discussion Boards
Pick one and be consistent!

Other ways to communicate:
Screencast Hiram College Resources

Health Center - Dr. Feisthamel

Student Academic Services -
Tutoring, Writing Center, Academic Coaching

Media Center
Video Taping & Audio Taping Senior Instructional Designer Elizabeth Simeral 330-569-5167
simeralej@hiram.edu You Are Not Alone ID team
i. Time sensitive
ii. Responsive
iii. Knowledgeable
MOODLE SUPPORT PAGE Online learning is education in which instruction and content comprising a formal course of study are delivered primarily via the Internet Discussion
Forums Videos Wikipages Google Docs Frustrations & Challenges Time Technology Changes
1. Define Distance Education & Online Learning
2. Identify benefits and challenges to teaching online.
3. Name 5 online instructional tools.
4. Begin the planning process for an online class, using the resources provided in this workshop.
5. Incorporate the suggestions from experienced Online Instructors into your course planning.
6. Identify Hiram College Resources to assist you with your online course development. At the end of this workshop, you will be able to: Transcript for workshop
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