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Mark Anthony Biete

on 26 July 2015

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Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Policy
an information and communication technology (ICT) student should know how to behave when working in the computer laboratory, as well as implement a safe way of accomplishing every task.
Occupational Safety and Health (OHS)
i s a planned system of working to prevent illness and injury where you work by recognizing and identifying hazards and risks.
Occupational Health and Safety standards
Accident reports
Forms are used to give specific details with regards to the accidents happened in the laboratory during experiments.
1. Identify the hazard
2. Clear the area close to the hazard
3. Partition the hazard off or clearly identify the area to protect other people from the harm
4. If the hazard is easily and safely cleared, then do so
If not...
5. Report the hazard to the appropriate person (such as teacher in charge, principal etc.) to obtain assistance
6. Following clearing of the hazard fill out the correct documentation to assist in identifying improved practice reduce further incidence of hazards.
Accidental reports contain the following details:
Name of the person
Date and time of the accident
Type of injury
First aid given
Action taken to prevent further accidents
Form No.
Accidental Report forms
Rm. No.
Type of Injury
Cause of Injury
Hazardous substance
A. Call the supervisor or manager and advise them of the problem and the urgency of the matter.
B. Depending on the risk it may be called as an evacuation.
C. Follow the evacuation procedure.
D. The supervisor or manager will call in the fire brigade or specialized personnel who will deal with the spill.
All hazards must be reported using
Accidental Report form
. This enables us to track the kinds of hazards we have in our workplace, and take action where necessary to make it safer for all student and clients
Fire exits
Fire Safety Procedure
if you find the fire
Assess the danger prior to doing anything.
If is safe to move assist anyone in the vicinity of the fire away from danger.
If it is possible close the door to the fire area.
Call for assistance. Verbally call FIRE, FIRE, in a loud and clear voice.
Break the glass section of the fire alert call point.
Call to the switch; ensure you know where the fire is, any other details that may be of assistance to the fire brigade.
If safe to do so, attack the fire with the correct extinguisher or fire hose.
If the workplace hazard appears to be dangerous to staff and professional assistance is required:
If the designated fire officers is not present, someone quickly needs to take responsibility and:
1. Locate the source of the fire.
2. Locate any people.
3. Remove all people from the building.
4. Notify the authorities.
Personal Safety While Working with PC's
Wear shoes with non-conductive rubber soles to help reduce the chance of being shocked or seriously injured in an electrical accident.
Do not work on components that are plugged into their power source.
Do not remove expansion cards from a computer when it is turned on.
Remove jewelries when working inside any computer related equipment.
Be sure not to mix electronic components and water.
1. Group yourselves into 5 groups
2. Conduct a simulation on: "Applying OHS Policies and Procedures"
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