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How To Write a News Report

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Amber Wagner

on 17 June 2013

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Transcript of How To Write a News Report

Written by: Amber Wagner
How To Write a News Report
-Prep for the OSSLT.

Planning to write: Step 1.
The first step in writing a news report for the OSSLT is to analyze the headline and picture given and find a connection.
Now that you have made your connection its time to start developing the details for your story. Brainstorm a series of answers to answer the who, what, where, when, why and how of your story. While doing this keep in mind what was given in the headline and picture, ie: Who was in the picture? What season was it? and make sure your details match.
Writing a news report can be difficult sometimes but with the right tips and strategies, you will know how to do it properly in no time!
Writing a News Report
Lets try.
*When writing a news report for the OSSLT it is really important that your connection between the headline and picture make sense. Try linking the picture to an event that could be written about in the paper.
Connection: Students clean up a park for Earth day.

Explanation: The picture shows students with garbage bags in front of them after cleaning the park and the headline states that it is for Earth day.
Specific details in a news report contain information that the reader wants to know. Examples of specific details include names, dates, places, numbers(measurements, temperatures, stats. etc).
Forming Generals Details to Specific Details:
A local high school
Bradford District High School
Raised a lot of money
Raised $3,000
A lot of people showed up to the event
1,000 people showed up to the rugby game.
Its a large place
Walmart is 20,000 square feet.
He showed up
Cameron Ball showed up.
The other day
Wednesday, June 5, 2013.
It is time to develop the specific details for our news report. Keeping in mind the given picture and headline.
Hopefully this procedure will help you to prepare for writing a news report on the OSSLT!
Mr.Fox- Teacher at Bradford District High School and Green Team supervisor.

Ryan Langley- Grade 11 student on the Green Team.

Local/Neighbor to the park - Barbra Watson.

The people you choose to be the
in your news story will be the people whose perspectives will be quoted within the report.
Where did the big event happen?
*Be specific*
Other examples of where could be:
The Leisure Center in Bradford, Ontario.
Upper Canada Mall in Newmarket, Ontario.
100 Yonge Street, Bradford, Ontario.
The where for our news report is going to be:
The Lions Park in Bradford, Ontario.
answers when the event took place. Create a date and time if necessary, for when the event took place. Remember the date should match the scene shown in the picture if possible.
I am going to say that our news story took place on:
April 22ND, 2013.
What happened that you are writing about? How much garbage did they pick up?
Students cleaned up a park to support Earth Day.
Why did the event happen? Why did they clean up?
To support Earth Day!
How answers how they got to where they are. For example if we were writing about a sports competition the how would answer things like; How are they entering the competition?
For our news report the how will answer: How did they clean up?
Total of 30 people came out and hand cleaned the park.
Before Writing:
Know that a news report is written in this structure!
Step 3 Writing: Lead.
The lead is the first sentence in your news report, it is written using general details of the story. Its purpose is to answer the who, what, where, when and why without specifics. This allows the reader to know what they will be reading about within the first sentence.
For example: Yesterday, local students and teacher leave a popular park spotless.
Step 3 Writing: Body Paragraphs
The body paragraphs of a news report answer the 5W's&H with SPECIFIC details. Generally there is a minimum of three body paragraphs in a news report, the most important information goes in first and the less important details come in to play later.
The first body paragraph should include the who, when and where answers that you brainstormed.

Tip: start your lead with "Yesterday, a local.."
The second body paragraph addresses the how and why of your story. Also talk about whats in the photo and include one of the quotations that you came up with.

In the third paragraph address any other information that you think should be included. Remember to provide two more quotes from different speakers.
Step 4 Writing: Conclusion
The conclusion paragraph provides readers with any additional information about the headline. It may talk about things like future plans, medical results or damage costs.
Step 2 Planning: Quotations.
When writing a news report for the OSSLT it is important that you remember to include
quotations or "perspectives" from different people included in the story. Be sure to give them a title or it will be considered informal.
Mr. Fox, supervisor of Bradford Highs Green Team: "In total we filled 54 bags of trash!"
Grade 11 Student- Ryan Langley: "While cleaning that park we saved every coin we found in the grass and ended up with $130 to donate to the Live Green Foundation"
Barbra Watson, Local: "I've been living in front of this park for 19 years and have never seen it look so clean. The students did a wonderful job"
Things to remember while writing..
A news report is written in short sentences and short paragraphs. 5 paragraphs minimum, 2-3 full sentences each.
Remember to include 3 quotations.
A NEWS REPORT IS WRITTEN IN THIRD PERSON. Which means to use of the words I, me, we, etc. and no personal opinions, unless quoted.
Have SPECIFIC details that develop the 5W's.
When referring to one of the speakers, include a title.
The purpose of a news report is to inform readers of an event that has happened. It answers specific questions throughout the article that gives readers an accurate idea of what has happened.
Students Support Earth Day
Students Support Earth Day
Yesterday, local students leave a popular park looking spotless after supporting Earth Day and picking up trash.

On April 22nd, 2013 local Bradford
District High School students from the
Green Team clean up the Lions Park in support of Earth Day.
There was a total of 30 students and one teacher from Bradford District High Schools Green Team who decided on a goal in September to make the Lions Park "spotless" at some point. That some point ended up being Earth Day, 2013. Mr.Fox, the Green Team supervisor said this about the event "The students were great! We filled up a total of 54 trash bags"
Ryan Langley a grade 11 member of the Green Team said "While cleaning the park we saved every coin we found in the grass and ended up with $130 to donate to the Live Green Foundation!" The students worked on the park from 8 a.m that morning until 3 p.m in the afternoon and by the sounds of it every body is impressed by the results, including a local neighbor to the park Barbra Watson "I've been living in front of this park for 19 years and have never seen it look so clean. The students did a wonderful job"
The team only worked at the Lions Park for one day and had such great success that they plan on holding a community based clean up in the near future!
Body 1
Body 2
Body 3
Quotations !
Finishing Up:
Now that you have finished writing your news report the last thing to do is reread and look it over to make sure there is nothing missing and that it is written to the best of your potential to receive full marks!
Have you..
Included three quotations?
Answered the 5Ws and H?
Made sure that you didn't use any personal pronouns outside of the quotes?
Made sure that the lead only contains generals?
Checked grammar, spelling and punctuation?
The Final Product:
Now that we're done here
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