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Odysseus had to leave to go fight for a war in troy.

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hannah Thompson

on 6 January 2017

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Transcript of Odysseus had to leave to go fight for a war in troy.

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The Island of the Lotus Eaters
After Odysseus and his men left Ismaros they ended up on the Island of the Lotus Eaters. Odysseus sent a few of his men to go meet the Lotus Eaters. When the men met the Lotus Eaters they got some food and a drink that had nectar from Lotus flowers in it. What the men didn’t know was that the nectar made you lose all desire of home and you feel really dreamy. The Lotus Eaters did not mean to cause any harm, they simply just wanted to treat their guests well. Odysseus realized that the men he sent have been gone for hours. He found them and had to tie them up by force because they did not want to leave. They got back to the ship and left.
The Island of the Cyclopes
Odysseus and his men dock on the island of the cyclopes. He wanted to figure out who, or what, lived on the island.That night, in walks a cyclopes, Polyphemus. Behind him, Polyphemus pushed a slab in front of the door. Polyphemus grabbed up two of the men and bashed their heads against the rocks, then ate them whole. Polyphemus slept through the night. In the morning, the cyclopes ate two more men, then let his ewes out of the cave. Once Polyphemus was gone, Odysseus looked to his men with a plan. They took a tree and made a spear. The Polyphemus came in and one of the men played music to get Polyphemus to go to sleep and once he fell asleep the drop the Speer on his eye so they where able to escape
Aeolia (The Island of Aeolus)
The next stop was Aeolian. This is the island of the wind gods. Aeolus treated Odysseus very nice. He gave him a bag full of wind and told him not to open it. So instead his men snick to open the bag and let out all the wind witch made them loose their food and it took the back.
The men land on Circe’s island, Aeaea, after they leave Telepylos. Odysseus sends half of his men to go look for someone to get food and water. The men that are sent hear Circe’s singing, and as they get closer to her home they see animals that should be attacking, but they are just sitting there staring at them. When they reach the house Circe feeds them and then turns them into pigs. Eurylokhos runs back to the ship to tell Odysseus what happened. Odysseus decides to go to Circe and try to get her to let his men go. On his way to Circe’s home Odysseus runs into Hermes. Hermes gives him a magical flower that can keep him protected from Circe’s spells and Hermes also gives Odysseus some advice. When Odysseus gets to Circe’s home she offers him some of the drugged wine. He drinks it no problem and she is waiting for him to change into a pig. She is really surprised and confused when he doesn’t. She asks him to make love with her, but he refuses to unless she swears to a binding oath. When she does they make love and afterwards Circe’s nymphs bathe and feed Odysseus. Odysseus tells her that he wants his men to be freed. After they are freed Odysseus and his men stay with Circe for a year and then Odysseus asks her for help to get home. She tells him that he first must head for the Underworld and look for Tiresias.

Odysseus Journey
by: Hannah Thompson
5th Period

Telepylos (Land of the Laestrygonians)
After the wind storm was over Odysseus’ ships landed on Telepylos, the land of the Laestrygonians. Three men go onto the land and Laestrygonian king eats on of the scouts. When this happens all of the other greeks run for the ships, but, the Laestrygonians smash 11 of the ships. They start feeding on some of the men. Odysseus orders the men to his ship, and they have to hurry. They row away from Telepylos as fast as possible.
The Underworld (Land of Death
When they get to the underworld Odysseus goes in alone. In order to find Tiresias he had to bring a ewe and lamb. once he brought it in he had to fight the spirits off. He got them off and fount Tiresias and he told him how to get home
The Island of Sirens
When they got to the Island Odysseus remembered that Circe's said when they get there the women are known for luring men towards them causing ships to break cause of their singing. so Odysseus put beeswax in the men ears so they couldn't hear the sing
Scylla and Charybdis
To get home they had to pass to situation witch where the Scylla and Charybdis. these are two different creatures made to kill. While they where going thought all of Odysseus men died at the end of passing through.
Ogygia (Calypsos Island)
When Odysseus got here he say Calypsos and all the women that lived there he was the first man they ever seen. he stays for a few year and Athena steps in and ask Zeus if he can be released. Zeus say he must be released so Calypsos reals him but tries tor trick him by asking him is his wife more beautiful then her trying to make him stay. He refuses and answers no but tell her he must get to his wife and goes on with his journey
Odysseus disguise him self going to Ithaca so there wont be any trouble. He gets there with his son and every one calls him the beggar. His wife ended up making a challenge that who ever can shoot Odysseus bow in arrow through all 12 axes she will marry them. Everyone tried and they all fail except for Odysseus and once he did it he killed all the other men
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