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Lion King II Allusion to Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet

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Grace Kelly

on 20 March 2014

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Transcript of Lion King II Allusion to Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet

Capulets vs. Pridelanders
Kiara comes from the family of Pridelanders (alot like Juliet coming from the family of Capulets).
Her father, Simba, is very similar to Lord Capulet and Prince Escaulus. This is because he is King of the Pridelands. His mate, Nala, is Juliet's mother and she is a lot like the Nurse because she cares for Kiara and gives her advice.
Rafiki is Friar Laurence, he is the monkey who is good with plants, and he interprets messages from the kings of the past. He is also the one who put Kiara and Kovu together - just like Friar Laurence marrying them.
Character Comparisons
In Lion King II the main characters are Kovu and Kiara, which also happen to be Romeo and Juliet in this allusion. They both come from different feuding families, the Pridelanders, and the Outlanders. They end up falling in love and they bring peace between the two prides.
Outlanders vs. Montagues
The leader of the Outlanders is Zira. She is the mate of deceased Scar and the mother of Kovu. She is the Lady Montague of the movie, who has taken over the leadership role from Scar, who would have been Lord Montague.
Nuka is Kovu's older brother, who is jealous of Kovu because he was the chosen one. He is Mercutio because his smart mouth, and impulse brought him to his end.
Vitani is Kovu's sister. She is like Benvolio in the beginning, but when she grows up and becomes more like her evil mother.
Theme vs. Theme
The theme in Romeo and Juliet is that, "Sometimes in life, the tragic consequences of conflict, shows us why the keeping of peace is important." This means that the feuding households of the Capulet's and the Montague's, didn't know how ridiculous their feud was until their own children died because of the conflict.
The theme in Lion King II is very similar, in the beginning of the movie, Simba said it best by telling Kiara that "We are one." The theme statement I took from this is, "Sometimes in life, we may think that we are different, but war and conflict is not the way to go, because in reality we are all the same inside."
The pride's and the household's' conflict was over nothing, and in the end they both realize that all of the rancor was in vain. In both of these stories the conflict is resolved and the themes are very similar.
First Meeting
Similarities and Differences
In Romeo and Juliet, they meet at the Capulet party and fall in love at first sight. In Lion King II, Kiara is out exploring as a cub and she meets Kovu. They aren't exactly friendly towards one another. But then they are thrown into a situation where they have to become a team and become nicer to each other. They then are interrupted by their families and don't see one another again until they are grown up.
More Similarites
Another event that happens in both Romeo and Juliet and Lion King II is the exile for Romeo. Romeo is exiled because he killed Tybalt. Kovu is exiled because while he was alone with Simba, the Outlanders ambushed them. Simba believed Kovu was apart of the plan and banishes him.
After his exile, Kiara runs away with him - just like Romeo and Juliet. They both go back after they realize that running away won't solve their familie's feud.
Lion King II Allusion to Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet
Grace Kelly A3

Kovu and Kiara vs Romeo and Juliet
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Why is this allusion used today?
The allusion to Romeo and Juliet is a very famous one, mainly because it is a tragic, love story. However, it is more than that the theme of the story is still relevant today. The love and conflict in society can still relate to present society. The character's love, and the conflict consequences show us how keeping the peace today is very important.
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