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Spaghetti Cantilever

No description

Maddie Blair

on 3 September 2013

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Transcript of Spaghetti Cantilever

If I were to redo this project, I would choose to handle the spaghetti more carefully and to use the tape more wisely.
Spaghetti Cantilever
ASK: We asked questions on what the requirements were and talked to the team on how we were going to incorporate them.

All of the requirements that we had to meet were...
Cantilever is only attached to the top of the table.
Only 20 pieces of spaghetti and 30 cm. of tape.
No more than 5 pieces of spaghetti are taped together.
Spaghetti hung at least 12 cm. away from the edge of the table.
Final cantilever design plan is sketched to scale.
Our successes for the team were, we got past our goal of 10 pennies and our length was the 2nd longest from the table, 16 cm.
Team Power Rangers
By: Maddie Blair
For the failures, during the process, one of our team members broke 2 pieces of spaghetti. Another failure was, we did not get first place.
Results: With our cantilever, it held 58 pennies and stuck 16 cm. away from the table. We got 4th place.
A cantilever is a long projecting beam only at one end usually used in building construction.
PLAN: We built the cantilever and each incorporated our own ideas into this unusual structure.
Engineering design
THINK: We brainstormed twice and sketched what the cantilever would look like and each made our own sketch.
TEST: During the testing period, we only tested 5 pennies to make sure that it would not bend or snap.
IMPROVE: When we had 5 extra noodles after securing 3 sets of 5 together, we decided to weave them through the other strands of spaghetti. We needed to weave them tighter.
Side View
Top View
Group Picture
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