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The vids were cut because of a request from my teacher

Matias Mega

on 13 October 2012

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Transcript of Presentation

My Rock trip This year I went to the festival Rock in Rio
because I had always wanted to watch all my rock idols on stage This year was said to be one of the best editions of the festival in history and luckily it was held in Buenos Aires. UNBELIEVABLE! I couldn't be absent! The programme was like this: Day 1: -Red Hot Chili Peppers -No Te Va Gustar Day 2: Coldplay Day 3: Keane Maroon 5 -Gustavo Cordera The Black Keys Day 4: Oasis Obviously, I couldn't decide which show I'd watch

so my billionaire family and I decided to buy the all-inclusive ticket So, we started our journey to Buenos Aires The trip was long but it didn't matter because we listened to good music all along the journey When we arrived we were really tired so as we the hotel rooms we laid in our beds. That night I slept like an angel When we woke up we prepared everything to go to El Monumental because the festival was held there. The first day was awesome: Maroon 5 sang all of their best songs and their new hit 'Payphone' As if that wasn't enough the Red Hot Chili Peppers presented their new album 'I'm with you' When I believed that day couldn't be better Chad, the drummer of the RHCP threw his sticks and guess who caught them? Yeah!...My brother :( But I'm planning to steal them from him This day was a special one because I could have gone to watch both bands here in Resistencia but I was not able to buy any ticket so I couldn't watch neither Cordera nor No Te Va Gustar but finally I listened to them in Buenos Aires The third day was superb because I could hear Coldplay live And it was also great, because I listened to Keane as their music style is like Coldplay. This day was awesome. Really awesome! The Black Keys played their most famous song 'Lonely Boy' and the peculiar dancer of the video was there dancing, too Then, when Oasis came on stage, after the black day in 2009 when they broke up, the crowd went mad But when it seemed that everything was good again for the Gallagher's brothers, they started to fight again But at least I could watch my favourite band This festival was really, really, really awesome. I achieved my dreams of watching the RHCP, Oasis and Coldplay And the festival itself was also excellent: the peaceful atmosphere,
the junkies rastapharis rastapharis junkies hippies and those crazy people living together in a peaceful mood watching to the bands and singing along with them. It's unique Now, that I achieved some of my dreams I think I will be able to die happily one day.... a
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