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Snacks by Mason and Christian

No description

christian mulligan

on 30 April 2015

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Transcript of Snacks by Mason and Christian

by Mason and Christian
some types of snacks
Doritos: shrimp mayonnaise, grilled chicken, crab mayonnaise, spice, citrus Yuzu, grilled meat, Wasabi, sesame oil, salami, mexican salt, caramel, sausage,
Teriaki flavored ext.
why these flavors?
the reason Japan has these flavors is
because Japan has different flavors than
America does,the company De Facto makes most of these odd flavors and what they does they test on new flavors
that are unique and not unique.
sometimes these flavors become a
tradition but often vanish,only to live on
the "crazy flavor" list on the internet
other snacks
Kit Kat:strawberry,citrus golden blend,
pear, Shinshu apple,soybean,purple
sweet potato,hot japanese chili,baked
notaku.com/kit kat
Dorito flavors:http://www.dramafever.com/news/26-doritos-flavors-you-will-only-ever-see-in-japan/

Youtube link
why does japan have these odd flavors?
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