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Outbreak (Germany)

No description

Lizzie Ramirez

on 4 March 2015

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Transcript of Outbreak (Germany)

Outbreak (Germany)
Alliance with Austria-Hungary
In 1879, Germany made an alliance with Austria-Hungary.

They did it because they didn't want to be an isolated country and so that they could preserve the peace.
Alliance with Italy
Shortly after, Italy lost their ambitions in North America to France.

The Dual Alliance (Germany and Austria-Hungary) made an alliance with Italy for neutrality and in return they would protect.
Naval Race
During the 1800's, having a large army was considered to equal the amount of power a country had.

Germany wanted to gain a reputation and power, so they began to make larger battleships
Brow Beating
Germany began to try to brow beat Britain into giving them colonial concessions and boosting their industry.

Their main goal was to not be alienated against one of the world's most elitist armies.
Why Belgium?
On August 2nd, Germany asked Belgium for free passage through their country so they could invade France the next day.

Belgium was a neutral country. So they said no.
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