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Anna Boulton

on 24 December 2014

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Transcript of Facilitation

Building Commitment

Ten Suggestions for
Working with Groups
Consensus is time consuming.

True consensus: Everyone supports the idea
to some degree

Never assume consensus....take a poll to be sure.

Consensus is not always possible.
Course Theme: When we make a decision that affects the lives of others, they should have a voice in that decision.
What is a facilitator?
One who contributes structure and process to interactions so groups are able to function effectively and make high-quality decisions.

A helper and enabler whose goal is to support others as they achieve exceptional performance.
Core Practices of Facilitation:
Some Facilitation Tools
Fishbone diagram
Nominal group technique
Compliance to Change
Cooperation with Change
Consensus has been reached when three conditions exist:

1. Opinions genuinely been heard.

2. Opinions considered and understood.

3. Each person agrees to support the selected decision.
The energy of the group is only as good as the energy of the facilitator.
Staying neutral
Listening attentively
Asking questions
Synthesizing ideas
Staying on track
Giving and receiving feedback
Testing assumptions
Collecting ideas
Providing summaries
Your organization holds a 3-day Arts Festival in your community every year in collaboration with the city.
Your problem:
not enough volunteers
losing volunteers each year
volunteers are not committed
volunteers have unclear roles
Your Assignment
1. As a group choose who you are facilitating (board, staff, volunteers etc.)
2. Your group will develop a plan for how to facilitate a discussion to find solutions, and then return and implement the plan with the larger group playing the role of your selected audience.

Parkinson's Law
Group Size...??
Seating Arrangement
2 + 2 = 5
Gadfly Option
Don't Hold the Chalk
Work Interactively
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