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Continental drift

No description

Beltrán Piña

on 30 May 2018

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Transcript of Continental drift

Continental drift
Alfred Wegener (A.K.A. Andrés Castro, Marcos del Pozo and Beltrán Piña)
I, Alfred Lothar Wegener, one of the great fathers of modern geology, proposed my theory of continental drift. I studied in three universities, from which I obtained a doctorate in Astronomy from the prestigious University of Berlin in 1904, but during my stay I focused on the study of geophysics, meteorology and geology.
Who am I?

I found out some fossils of land organisms such as reptiles and plants on different continents that are now separated, like south America and Africa. This means that like this land organisms couldn't cross oceans, then in one point of the existence of the earth the continents were not separated.
Why are fossils from the same species in different parts of the world?
I found that the continental shelves when putting them together with the other ones it fitted together even better than the coastlines, also i have found identical rocks and geological structures one both sides of where the continents were once joined
The continental puzzle
Moraines don't lie
The only explanation for this is no other than
I have found the moraines deposited by ancient glaciers. These moraines present the existence of glaciers the same age. The thing is, these moraines are in different parts of the world!
My theory of continental drift suggests that the continents we know today were once a single massive continent I have named Pangea.
A year later he proposed his doctoral thesis of astronomy. In 1906 he made his first expedition to Greenland to study the circulation of air in the polar areas with only 26 years. In 1924 I accept the chair of meteorology a rather complex career at the University of Graz, Austria, one of the largest in the world in this field.
After finishing his studies, he was a genius recognized by the world, as in the Alfred Wegener Institute of polar and marine research in Bremerhaven, in Germany, created in 1980, pays homage to his name.
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