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The Wolf Of Wall Street

No description

joe peters

on 7 April 2014

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Transcript of The Wolf Of Wall Street

Date Of Birth- July 9, 1962

Occupation- Stockbroker and American Motivational Speaker

Convicted for fraud and accused for stock market manipulation

born in the Bronx

Religion- Jewish

Background- Jordan Belfort
Public- Jordan Belfort
While serving 22 months in prison, Jordan Belfort met a man named Tommy Chong, who inspired Jordan to write the stories of his stockbroking life.

From there on out, Jordan started writing “The Wolf Of Wall Street.”

Jordan gave speeches about the things he experiences. They have been shared in over 40 different countries translated into 18 different languages. Jordan makes roughly 30,000 dollars a speech.

Discussion- Characters
Jordan Belfort The main character, corrupt stockbroker and CEO of Straton Oakmont.
- Naomi Belfort The main characters wife, she was an ex mistress until Jordan divorced his now ex wife for her, then later ended up divorcing her too.
- Donnie Azoff A secondary character, plays the part of Jordan"s second in command and bestfreind throughout the story.
- tereasa Belfort Jordan’s first wife who he divorced for his second wife.

Career Summary
Belfort started his stock broking career at L.F Rothschild

During Belforts career, he suffered from an addiction to Quaaludes- sedative-hypnotic drug

Belfort was accused of fraud in 1998 and had to serve 22 month in prison due to security fraud and money laundering.

By Joe, Warren, Jack
The Wolf Of Wall Street
- I empathize with Tereasa Belfort the most because she is cheated on even though she was nice and always helped Jordon and gave him good advice.

This book is about Jordan Belforts adventures through his rich and lavish lifestyle laundering money and running Stratton Oakmont.

This read also perfectly highlights the illegal and wild activity of Jordan Belfort in a way that is not harsh or cringe-worthy.

Analysis: likes
Throughout the novel, I really enjoyed the parts when Jordan went from the poverty life a began to really earn money.
This truly shows where pure determination can get you. He went from a life of poverty which he couldn’t even pay his low rent bill to a life of luxury of earning $430,000+ per month.

Analysis: Dislikes
There was one point in the novel that I did not like. This was when Naomi wanted a divorce and went psycho on her, the kids, and poor judgement. Jordan hit his wife, Naomi, whenever she tried to stop him from going mad and crazy.

A second time in the novel that I did not like was when Jordan tried taking his daughter away in his car while on cocaine. He immediately crashed and hurt her head and also his own noggin. This was a dangerous and harsh decision that ended in bad results.

Analysis: Dislikes
Analysis: Text to World
Through this wonderful read, I made a text-to-world connection. This is because in the book, a man makes himself rich behind his dreams and people in the real world also go to illegal limits in order to hit it big.
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