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Louisa and Isaac Sustainability

No description

Elizabeth Harris

on 9 November 2017

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Transcript of Louisa and Isaac Sustainability

Natural Resources
Natural resource are things that we need every day. Such as air, water, plants, soil, sunlight, coal and oil. Some natural resources are found under the earth.
Why is it important to look after our water?
We have to look after our water because there is only a certain amount of water on earth and we need this for our future generation.
how do we use water
We use water to wash ourselves and drink. Drinking can help us hydrate, and washing ourselves helps us get clean.
Why is it important to reuse and recycle our water
We need to reuse and recycle our water because we need water to survive and stay clean. If we don't reuse and recycle our water, we won't have anything to eat because the animals and plants wont survive.
here are 4 points we picked out on how to save water.
Use the same bathwater as you sibling
Reduce the time of your shower
Instead of using full flush use half flush
hand wash dishes
How can we be sustainable
by Isaac and Louisa
Renewable and non-renewable resources
There are to types of natural resources renewable and non-renewable resources. Renewable resources are things that we can renew and keep using over and over again. Non-renewable resources are things that we can"t renew for thousands and thousands of years and they only last a certain amount of time.
How can we save water
How does Brisbane reuse and recycle?
We have 5 dot points to show how Brisbane reuses and recycles.
Some of us use solar panels for energy instead of coal
30% decrease in nitrogen dioxide levels
30% inner-city buildings
More city cycling bikes
Over 40% less green waste
ways we can be sustainable at home or school
These are our 5 dot points we picked.
open windows instead of using the air con
instead of using light for energy open the door the natural light
put your rubbish in the right bin such as glass that goes in the recycle bin
reuse paper bags, cardboard and envelopes
ride a bike or walk to school to save oils
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