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Game maker

No description

Charles Herndon

on 11 April 2014

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Transcript of Game maker

Game maker view
There salary has a very extensive range
The work environment
starting at 45,000, you can work your way up to a huge 100k a year-- or more!
The place to work here are very laid back in work, get the job done and get to go home type of work,
By: Blake Williams
Mr. Herndon's career portals
Game maker
Game makers make the glorious games you play, Call of duty, Mario, Zelda every game was made by them.
This job is very stressful
though if you cannot get the job done,
working in the late hours of the night just
to make one simple detail
Ralph Baer, the "Father of Video Games", created Chase (1967), the first game played in a television set.
Clive Barker, creator of Undying and Jericho.
Tony Barnes, designer of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Medal of Honor, Jungle Strike and many others.
Doug Barnett, designer/writer/artist Lords of the Rising Sun, Star Rank Boxing, Ghostbusters II and Return to Zork.
Richard Bartle, co-author of MUD, the first multi-user dungeon.
Chris Bateman, designer/writer of Discworld Noir and Ghost Master
Chris Beatrice: Caesar and Lords of the Realm.
Marc Blank: Co-designer of Zork, co-founder of Infocom
Cliff Bleszinski: member of Epic games lead designer of Gears of War and Gears of War 2 and level designer of Unreal series.

Here's some famous
video game makers,
and what that make

Overall this is a very good
job, making a lot of money
and helping ,many people out if its an educational or an experience game to prepare you for war, building or any other job
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