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Conflict Triggers

No description

Rachel Oldham

on 20 February 2015

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Transcript of Conflict Triggers

Conflict Triggers
The Basics...
What is a conflict trigger?

A conflict trigger is any event or incident that causes a disagreement
What triggers you?
Incompatible Goals
Unbalanced Cost/Rewards
Inaccurate Perceptions
Ashley Greene
Chris Vertrees
Rachel Oldham
Cost: what you put in to a relationship

Reward: What you get out of a relationship
Lack of Fairness
Identity Management
Relationship Threats
Example? The Break UP
Having children
What to have for dinner
Communication is goal driven

Conflict arises when the goals do not match up
No open communication is involved

Leads to assumptions and miscommunications.
Do the rewards outweigh the costs?
Thank You!
Time for a class activity!
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