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Teen Succeed - Hanna Chan

No description

Elizabeth Lemay

on 20 January 2016

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Transcript of Teen Succeed - Hanna Chan

Meet Hanna Cahn
Doing the splits as a stretch helps
to stretch out her legs and body to better her
flexibility and tumbling.
Setting Up For Practice
In this picture Hanna is rolling out the cheer mats with her team so that they can start practice .
Final Position
In this picture Hanna is holding her final position in the dance.
Teen Succeed - Hanna Cahn
For my Teen Succeed project I chose to focus on Hanna Cahn. Hanna is on the Junior Varsity cheer team at school. This fits Teen Succeed project requirement because Hanna along with the rest of the cheer team are helping our community by cheering on the schools sports teams and competing for our school at competitions.
Always Stretch
Stretching is very important to do before a practice
to prevent injury so she can
do everything to her fullest ability.
It is very important to practice stunting because there are always stunts and lifts at competition and the better the stunt is the more points it earns the team at competition.
In this picture Hanna and her team are practicing there dance for the dance portion of there competition which is very important because it is the portion that everyone comes to see and watch.
In this picture Hanna is helping two girls on the team with the routine because they weren't at practice the day before.
Practice Makes Perfect
In this picture Hanna is doing a back bend to help her get her walkover and handspring .
Back Line
In this picture Hanna is in her spot for the dance and her line is rehearsing their moves for the dance.
Talking To Coach
In this picture Hanna and her teammate are talking to the coach to get pointers on their dance.
I chose to Photograph Hanna at first because I knew that participating in a sport showed that she was doing something for the community but throughout the project I learned how. Hanna is demonstrating teamwork, sportsmanship, living a healthy lifestyle, and she is showing school spirit and she is having fun while doing it which is the most important part . I think my project helps to show that teens deserve to be awarded for the good things they do and not scrutinized for the bad.
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