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Philanthropy Apprenticeship

No description

Macy Parker

on 12 February 2015

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Transcript of Philanthropy Apprenticeship

Agenda for Today
I. Do Now
II. Whole group – Name Game
III. What does a Program Officer do?
IV. What does success in this class look like? Not look like?
V. Proposal Review
VI. Partner Reviews
VII. Share Out
VIII. Write Your Opinion
IX. Self Assessment

Philanthropy Apprenticeship Day One
Name Game
How many names can you say in a row?
What does a foundation Program Officer Do?

A program officer works for a foundation, which is an organization that practices philanthropy, or using
to make the world a better place.

A program officer recommends
that a foundation may want to make.

A grant is a gift of money that has to be used for a specific

Foundation grants go to non-profit organizations, which are organizations that work to make a
rather than to make money. Hospitals,
, youth centers, homeless shelters, and some research institutions are all examples of non-profit organizations.

A program officer reviews
from organizations who request support and recommends good project ideas to the foundation’s board of directors. If the board of directors makes a grant, the program officer will tell the organization the good news and then
the project to make sure it is successful.
Philanthropy Apprenticeship
Welcome! We are glad you are here.

Please find your seat silently and complete your do now.

When you have finished, raise your hand so Ms. Archer can check your work.
who are our classmates?
Based on what you know so far, would you recommend to a friend that they consider the job of a foundation program officer? Why or why not?
How can I be a successful program officer in this class?
What does this look like or not look like?
Reviewing a Proposal
Step 1:
Read the proposal carefully. Underline key ideas and circle anything you don’t understand or have questions about.

Step 2:
Use the checklist below to make sure the proposal has all of the required parts of the request for proposals.

Meet with your assigned partner to discuss the proposal you read.
Review your checklists - did you find the same things?

Write a summary of your proposal to share with the class.
Listen to your peers share out and take notes.

Think about which organization you think should get the $500 grant, and write down your reasons.
Great Job Today!
Give yourself a review for the day and give someone else in the class a shout out for his or her work.
This semester, our class will give out two grants. One will be $500 and one will be $1500.

Today, we are helping decide which ECP organization will get the $500 grant.
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