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Freedom and Confinement

No description

Sofia Ordonez

on 5 June 2014

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Transcript of Freedom and Confinement

Freedom and Confinement
Never Let Me Go

By Sofia Ordonez
2005 dystopian science fiction novel by Kazua Ishiguro.
Has 3 acts, each describing a different phase of the main character's life, Kathy. (Childhood, Adult, Donor)
Symbols of Freedom
Gate of Hailsham
Norfolk (Missing Corner)
The Gate at Hailsham
Represents a restricted freedom.
Gates are designed to keep people in, others are designed to keep people out.
Beyond this gate there was a world that the student did not know.
In the novel, the gates protect the clones from the outside world and keep the clones from leaving.
Gates Quote
Norfolk- Missing Corner
The woods were at the top of the hill that rose behind Hailsham House. All we could see really was a dark fringe of trees, but I certainly wasn't the only one of my age to feel their presence day and night. (5.4)
When the characters in Hailsham were growing up, Norfolk was unknown and mysterious to them.
However, when Kathy and her friends went to "The Cottages," they were able to explore a newfound freedom in Norfolk.
It was a place where the kids can go in their imaginations and know that it is new and different.
"Ruth said one evening [...] 'when we lost something precious, [...] We still had that last bit of comfort, thinking one day, when we were grown up, and we were free to travel the country, we could always go and find it again in Norfolk.' " (6.18)
In Hailsham, the students can't drive yet and therefore can't leave the school premise at all.
At the Cottages, they are able to go on road trips whenever they want and can see the outside world.
While driving, Kathy spends herself enjoying time and can reminisce.
But I do like the feeling of getting into my little car, knowing for the next couple of hours I'll have only the roads, the big grey sky and my daydreams for company. And if I'm in a town somewhere with several minutes to kill, I'll enjoy myself wandering about looking in the shop windows. (18.5)
Symbols of Confinement
Woods in Hailsham
Donors Barrier in Society
Woods at Hailsham
The children were afraid of the woods.
One of the school myths: a boy's body was found in the woods with his hands and feet removed.
They reflect their confinement of the students inside Hailsham.
Donor Barrier
Most of the characters are clones that are destined to be "donors"- organ donors.
These organ donations will soon kill them.
However, in the outside world, people view the clones as not an actual human being and therefore don't treat them as one.
"But do you see what we were up against? We were virtually attempting to square the circle. Here was the world, requiring students to donate. While that remained the case, there would always be a barrier against seeing you as properly human." (22.28)
Fences pop up in various scenes in the novel.
One of the key scenes is the last scene of the book:
I found I was standing before acres of ploughed earth. There was a fence keeping me from stepping into the field, with two lines of barbed wire, and I could see how this fence and the cluster of three or four trees above me were the only things breaking the wind for miles. All along the fence, especially along the lower line of wire, all sorts of rubbish had caught and tangled. (23.49)
Thank you!
Important because it is a fence in Norfolk -> confinement in the town that means freedom.
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