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Green Mountain Camp

No description

Erin Barcy

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of Green Mountain Camp

Green Mountain Camp Alex Wattawa, Erin Barcy, Emily Bright, Alexis Dedrich, Jason Smedlund Motivation Any Questions?? Nick and Carol Randall wanted to buy a camp to relive the time they used to have at camps

Green Mountain Camp went up for sale in Vermont and they were able to gather enough money to buy it.

They quickly realized why the camp was for sale. The Case The Cabins were run down
The kitchen was below health standards
The dock was falling into the lake
Lack of employees The Problems They quickly hired contractors to make the necessary physical repairs

Spread the word about the change of ownership through a web site

Offered descriptions of jobs along with benefits of working for Green Mountain Camp What steps might the Randalls take to design motivating jobs for camp staff? Lodging
Compensation What needs might they be able to fill for camp staff? Job Characteristics Job Design Perspectives Four Types of Reinforcement Positive Reinforcement Strengthen the behavior Negative Reinforcement Weaken Extinction Maintain Punishment Inhibit Compensation Incentive Compensation Plans Pay for performance
Differentiated Pay Raises (Promotions)
Rec Hall/Cafeteria
Camp Counselor in Training
Camp Counselor
Sports Coach
Head Camp Counselor etc. Green Mountain Camp:
Motivating with Compensation Non monetary Ways to Motivate Gainsharing Bonuses Profit Sharing Pay for
Performance Stock Options Pay for
Knowledge For incentive plans to work
Rewards… linked to performance satisfy individual needs agreed on by manager & employees believable & achievable Work-Life Balance
Balance between personal life & work
Days Off
Holidays Expand Skills
Gaining new
skills on the job The need to matter
People want to feel like they matter Surroundings
& Environment Skill Variety Task Identity Task
Significance Autonomy Feedback Job Design Job Enlargement Job Enrichment Fly Swatter
Questions 2. What does the characteristics model help
to improve with employees? Satisfaction of campers
Influence campers
to return following season In what ways might the empowerment of camp staff affect the success of the camp? The Randall’s were motivating its workers
-Motivating it the psychological process that arouse and direct goal-directed behavior.
They used extrinsic rewards
- Money and benefits
They also used intrinsic rewards
- The satisfaction of doing something. What Does Motivation
Improve? Needs Theories Maslow’s Hierarchy of
Needs Theory Getting people to join To get people to be engaged at work To get people to do a little extra To get people to show up on time Getting people to stay Hierarchy of Needs Theory
Physiological, safety,
love, esteem, and
self actualization ERG Theory (Alderfer)
Existence, Relatedness, and growth Process Perspectives on Employee Motivation Equity Theory Expectancy Theory Combination of both
- better understanding of employees
- high employee retention
- desire to work
- overall success of the camp Employee perceptions Comparison Motivated By... Desire Confidence Inhibit Applying the Theories 3. Whats the owners last name? 4. What kind of reward is the satisfaction
that you get from performing a task? 5. Name an extrinsic reward. 6.What is the most basic human physical need according to the hierarchy of needs theory? 8.Who introduced the expectancy theory? 9. What type of housing do the campers sleep in? 10. What state was the camp in? 11. What type of reinforcement is the application of negative consequences to stop or change undesirable behavior? 12.What type of reinforcement withholds rewards? 13. True or false the Randells had to use their saves to purchase the camp? 14.Pay for performance is also known as _______? 15. Cash rewards given to employees who achieve specific performance objectives 16.What theory assumes that 3
basic needs influence behavior? 17.This is a need that focuses on such matters as self respect, status, reputation, recognition and self confidence. 18.Which compensation plan would benefit the camp staff and the Randall’s the most? Casual
Clean 1. What is the name of the camp? 7. How many characteristics in the job characteristics model?
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