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Online Book Study 09


Nell Ududec

on 26 October 2009

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Transcript of Online Book Study 09

TL Online Book Study - Theme: Libraries and Literacy This year we will have some choice of books for our online book study.
All books share the same theme: literacy.

Click the right arrow to get to the first book.
Specific strategies and ready-to-use templates for teachers
Includes latest research surrounding second language acquisition, reading rewards and incentive programs and electronic reading products
Takes an in-depth look at literacy centers, multicultural issues, comprehensive instruction, integration of reading and writing, and assessment.
Once you've chosen a book be sure to email me by November 9th .
Let's learn together!
read share learn analyze predict synthesize comprehend opinions ideas thoughts professional growth life-long learning Discusses the changing responsibilities of classroom teachers and teacher-librarians in helping students become better readers, writers, and researchers Argues that using diverse learning resources can improve literacy achievement Shows teachers and teacher-librarians how to turn their schools into first-rate learning environments and their students into lifelong learners Makes a compelling case for literacy across the content areas through rich literacy-based learning experiences
Considers school-wide elements like PD, peer-coaching, leadership, assessment, to support teachers and students groundbreaking research has altered the way educators and language researchers approach literacy Foundation for the argument for free voluntary reading (FVR) as the most effective tool for increasing literacy Quotes from practicing educators, anticipation questions, references to books and websites, professional development ideas, and practical examples for educators
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