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Recalculating Directory-Your Transition Skills List

GLC2O - Unit 3, Assignment 2, Activity 2

Philip W. Tang

on 16 July 2013

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Transcript of Recalculating Directory-Your Transition Skills List

Times of Transitions
Moving to a new home, traveling to a new country, meeting new people, and losing a job. It is inevitable that I will run into many different problems as I work toward my goals in the future. However when this happens, I need to be able to rethink what is going on in my life and which pathways I should take in order to get back on track. It is okay if I make changes to my career paths or even my destination goal since these changes are bound to happen and they all happen for the better,
But with this said, it is always important to have some resources or even some people I can rely on to get back on my feet to pursue my goals. Fortunately for me, I believe I have quite a few skills and other means of support that can help me along the way whenever I need to recalculate my pathways or my destination goal.
What Skills do I Have?
Not all means of support comes from other people and sometimes the best types of support can be what you know and what your strengths are. By knowing yourself and what you do best, you can apply your own strengths to reach your destination goal.
Personally I think the skills that I posses that can help me the most during times of transitions are my strong analytic and logical problem-solving skills. These skills can help me figure out what is going on and quickly identify as well as logically solve a problem.

What Else is There?
Aside from my individual strengths that can help me during transitioning through different pathways, there are many other people I can consult with if I need any support along the way. The most important individuals would most likely be my family; my mother, father and sister.
My family knows me better than anybody else and they can give me the most truthful advice about what I should do next. They can offer me an unbiased opinion on my pathways and can get me back on the right track. However, aside from my family, if I need advice strictly related to education I would consult my teachers or in university, my professor.
Last but not Least
Although friends and family as well as my teachers can provide me with advice about my future pathways, sometimes the most valuable information can be accessed through organizations or groups open to anyone to use. If I run into problems along the way to my future goal, I can always reach out to the many services that are available for people like me who need to get back on their feet.
Government funded organizations like the Ministry of Labor as well as WorkSmartOntario provide young workers, including myself advice when it comes to career choices or our future destination goals.
What does This all Mean?
With so much information readily available to anyone who is looking for it, if I ever get to a point in life I feel like it's time for a transition, there is no reason at all for me to be worried. So many people and organizations are willing to help and it is as simple as taking the time to contact them to get any form of aid.
Throughout my life, pathways and goals are always changing but they are what helps develop and enhance my career as well as my future. Different transitions may lead to different places but one thing is for sure and that is I will be able to reach your goal. Recalculating these pathways and these destination goals shouldn't be a problem for anyone, and it can all be done if you are able to apply your strengths and use them to your advantage.
Everyone makes mistakes, and we are all bound to make plenty, but this doesn't mean we should give up at all. We can all reach our goals and our dreams if we are determined to do whatever it takes to get there and ask for help along the way. Sometimes reaching our goals can take a lifetime and not everybody can chase theme all by themselves but we can all reach them if we just work together.
What to do?
With this said, after I identify what needs to be done, I can begin to work towards creating a new pathway to lead me to my goal. This is where my excellent skills in organization and my initiative come into play.
My proficiency in being able to neatly plan out my next steps can truly help me keep focused and stay on track when I decide to pursue a new pathway. Furthermore, my strengths in initiative will help me persevere when any more challenges come my way.

My teachers can give me the most honest information I need about my education; whether it is how well I'm doing in certain subjects to where and how I can improve my weaker ones. My teachers would also be able to assist me and support me in the classroom everyday to help me learn and they can even direct me to other members of the faculty if I plan on switching career pathways - such members of faculty can be student services.
Student services or other means of student help, can provide the information and guidance I need to recalculate my pathways or if I am planning a new destination goal. I think these services can offer an immense amount of support if I change my goals since they can give me access to many different resources as well as produce a variety of different pathways I can take to get there.
By: Philip Tang
Aside from these government based organizations, websites such as CareerCruising and MyBlueprint help can help me organize and provide different pathways to reach specific goals based on what information I give them including; high school marks, past experience, awards, diplomas and much more.
Furthermore, there are many public forums and blogs that can provide basic information about different job opportunities as well as volunteering. Some examples of these groups are Monster.ca, Workopolis, and JobForum.
Finally, there are even university groups that help provide advice to younger students involving information about university courses, professors, and dorm life. Practically all universities have these student run groups including Queen's, U of T, Waterloo, Western, York just to name a few.
But where have these traits come in handy, when did I actually look to my strengths when solving a problem? Well, to be honest, I usually only resort to my own strengths for two very specific scenarios. First of which are small and manageable transitions that need to be addressed once in a while. An example of which is when I am deciding upon which what clubs I should join during the school year.
Secondly, I use my strengths during preliminarily assessment and decision making. These decisions need to be made before I consult others for help or before future steps need be taken. I've been using my strengths for these situations more recently since I've been deciding which courses I should take in school next year as well as what careers I should focus on in the future.
Out of all resources or other means of support I probably go to other people whether it is friends, family, or teacher the most when I need help recalculating my plans or destination goals. Last year, I booked numerous meetings with staff members as well as my guidance counselors to talk about what career paths I should pursue in my life. I feel that they were all able to provide me with meaningful advice and after it all I feel more confident with that paths I am planning to take in the years to come.
Also, during the school year I frequently talk to friends and get their opinion on what I should do regarding volunteering or even job opportunities. Although they may not have as much experience in many different careers as teachers and my parents, they were still able to provide reasonable advice that that could relate directly to me.
Finally I talk to my family everyday about what I should do in my my future. Every dinner my mom and dad would give my sister and I advice about how their lives have been and how we can take steps toward our dreams. They give both of us lessons on what to remember and things that we should never do and all of this advice has really helped guide me through my schoolwork as well as more personal events. I truly own a lot to my parents for what they have done for me and for how they helped me to get where I am today.
Although I rarely consult to these forms of support on a regular basis, whenever I do they are able to provide me with ample information and advice. These services have provided me in the last year or so almost all the information I needed regarding school and career choices. In grade 8 I began to use MyBlueprint to help organize my work in school and it has helped me in deciding which electives I take in grade 9 and 10.
Also in this year alone, CareerCruising has helped me determine what I want to be when I grow up. It has provided me with different quizzes and tests that determined what job suits me the best and it has even taught me how to make a resume and cover letter.
Next year my sister is going to university and personally it has been pretty scary to see everything she is going through in order to get ready. She doesn't really know what she wants to be and I have a feeling she will have to make many changes to her career pathways as well.
My parents have really taken a role in providing her with the support she needs to get ready for university and I feel really ensured that they will get her though the hard times. Some nights I would hear my mom and my sister talking about what happens if she doesn't get a job in the future and I think it is nice to hear that my mom always say that you can take as long as you want to decide on what you want to be.
I feel that my parents understand what is bothering my sister and not only are they comforting her but they are willing to take the time to help her find her way to her dream goal.
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