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The West African Perspective

No description

Gillian Allou

on 16 December 2013

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Transcript of The West African Perspective

In Conclusion...
The spread of Islam and the Arabic language negatively effected West Africa. They sometimes converted people through war. Despite the fact the West Africans already had their own religions. The West Africans history is still told through the work of griots.
The spread of Islam was sometimes accomplished through war, not trade.
In 1062, Yahya ibn Ibrahim invaded Ghana. The almoravids were a muslim force that invaded Ghana and took over Kumbi Saleh in 1067. The people of Kumbi Saleh were forced to convert to Islam against their will.
The West African Perspective
The West Africans had their own religious beliefs.
The three main beliefs of traditional Sudanese religions is Christianity, Islam, and other indigenous religions. These beliefs play a large role in the lives of its followers because it governs their decisions and morality.
Oral tradition has great value.
Griots are traveling musicians, poets, and storytellers who maintain a tradition of oral history in parts of West Africa. They go around proclaiming the history and traditions of West Africa. They are the preservers of precious history by holding on to the past.

By Gillian Allou
The negative effects of the spread of Islam and the Arabic language are:

The spread was sometimes accomplished through war, not trade
West Africans had their own religious beliefs
The oral tradition has great value
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