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The Reality of Digital Drama

No description

Morgan Sauer

on 2 December 2013

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Transcript of The Reality of Digital Drama

The Reality of Digital Drama
Take a couple of minutes to define the word drama in your head. What does it mean to you?

Does the way we think about digital drama have anything to do with gender??
Have your impressions of online drama changed since the beginning of this lesson? Why or why not?
A type of fighting, or a tiff, that happens between friends or groups of friends.
Gossip or rumors, breakups or falling outs.
Jealousy, or people excluding one another on purpose.
Making comments about people online without actually using their names.
Double Meanings of Drama
In the context of theater, drama refers to a play or performance.

In a social context, drama often refers to an emotional conflict between or among people.
Online Drama
Do you feel that people enjoy online drama?

Why or why not?
Discussing Digital Drama
Generalization- An assumption made about a whole group of people based upon your experiences with a few
Discussing Digital Drama
Fill out Column A in your groups.
Did you notice any generalizations about girls in this video? If so, what were they?
Did you notice any generalizations about boys in this video?
What do you think about these generalizations? Are they true for you and your friends? Are they true for some, or all, teens?
The (Un)Reality of Reality TV Drama
Do you watch reality television shows? If so, do the shows ever feature drama?
How "real" do you think reality TV drama actually is?
Can you think of examples from your own lives where you and your friends have dealt with conflict in nondramatic ways? Do you think those stories would be a "hit" on a reality TV show? Why or why not?
The Real Housewives Series
Fill out Column B on your handout in groups.
Were there any generalizations about women in this video? If so, what were they?
Were there any generalizations about men in this video? If so, what were they?
A widespread belief about a group of people-often negative--that influences how members of that group are perceived and treated.
Do you think reality TV might lead to stereotypes about girls and boys, women and men?
Do you think that teens' perceptions of drama can be influenced by what we see on reality TV? Why or why not?
What factors do you think shape the way girls and boys act online? Can online drama encourage certain stereotypes about gender?
Question 1
Which of the following is an example of a generalization?
A.) One of my friends is on the football team.
B.) All boys like football.
C.) Few women have ever played football professionally.
Question 2
True of False: A lot of drama on reality TV is "real" (not acted or edited.
A.) True
Question 3
All of the following statements are true about both online drama and reality TV drama EXCEPT for:
A.) People "perform" or engage in drama with an audience in mind.
B.) The drama is often edited or scripted before people see it.
C.) Many people's ideas about drama are based on stereotypes about girls and boys.
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