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No description

Jazmin Chevannes

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of yjhm

Roadies A roadie is a person who deals with instruments and is generally a musician as well. In some cases, an individual will work as a roadie for a band, while also serving as the main band's opening act. In some cases, a roadie may go on to become a successful musician in his own right. This was the case for Noel Gallagher, who was a roadie for the band Inspiral Carpets before rising to fame in Oasis. A roadie generally gets a job touring with a band either by being a friend of the band's, or by gaining experience working behind the scenes at a theatre company or with a production company. You can also gain experience by getting a low-level job at a music venue, and working your way up.Though many people think that the life of a roadie is glamorous because he is touring with a well-known band, the job generally consists of a lot of hard work, and, in many cases, the band members never directly talk to the roadie. The road crew generally travels in a separate tour bus from the band members. The pay isnt much but just the thrill of going on tour with there favourite band is enough to last them a life time. Most roadies have serious obsessions with the band. Roles Of The Music
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