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Sponsored by Norman

Peter Cooper

on 15 April 2013

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Crucial Systems with Critical Vulnerabilities Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition Systems Since that time SCADA has exploded, networked, and joined the digital era we live in now. According to Jerry Russel, SCADA has been around since about 1950. Not Al Gore's baby, but responsible for so many of the miracles of modern life we now take for granted. Internet: Born to the nuclear era, incubated through the space age, responsible for the information age, and the foundation of our current digital era. Dr Conklin discussed in his 2005 dissertation that there was a myriad of new unmanaged machines connected to the web, and now today he stands reaffirmed by the virtual flood of mobile smart devices walking the streets with the same power as a full sized desktop computer from less than ten years before. Cyber Security is a well known concern for corporations and individuals alike Mobile computing meets SCADA in this traffic map example SCADA and the internet were never designed to mingle in the wild, but here we are Besides disaster on a national scale... What Could Go Wrong? "The most monumental non-nuclear fireball ever seen from space" was from a 1982 Malicious SCADA attack on the Trans Siberian Pipeline which yielded a three kiloton natural gas explosion Source:http://pipelineandgasjournal.com/hacking-industrial-scada-network Joe says the problem is that there is no logging and no security solutions targetting SCADA According to controls expert Joe Weiss, more than 85% of SCADA attacks get misreported as malfunctions and not the cyber attack/events they really were... In the past we only worried about physical security but now we have to add a cyber component to the guns guards and gates of traditional physical security. ALWAYS ON Stuxnet
FLAME Cyber attacks are real and are potentially disasterous to every sector Take what precautions you can and don't be afraid to try something new, it might save you business and your life It is a global war and we are all conscripted soldiers Here are thousands of words A picture is worth 1000 words Thank you very much for your time Thanks to Norman Data Defense Systems Inc. for sponsoring this event Andy Bennett
Center of Excellence in Digital Forensics
936-294-4768 Solutions are coming, over the wire and in the machine Don't Despair FBI Norman Data Defense Systems Inc. Siemens Omron Allen Bradley NSA Cyber Command
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