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George Bass

No description

Mohamedwali Yusuf

on 11 June 2014

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Transcript of George Bass

Questions and Answers
Born l763, son of a farmer at Aswarby, Lincolnshire, England. His father died when Bass was still a child. His mother encouraged him to take up a medical career, which training he completed in Boston Hospital.

George Bass came to Sydney in 1795 on the 'Reliance' on which also were the newly appointed Governor, Hunter, and met his best friend Matthew Flinders. Bass brought out with him on the 'Reliance' a small boat (eight feet with five foot beam). This became the famous 'Tom Thumb'.By the end of 1795 Bass and Flinders in the 'Tom Thumb' had explored the whole of Botany Bay and the Georges River for several miles.In October, 1798 Bass and Flinders set out in the 25 ton sloop, 'Norfolk'. They explored the islands of Bass Strait, found the Tamar Estuary, and charted the west coast and southern Tasmania and the Derwent River. On their return to Sydney on Flinders' suggestion, the strait was officially named Bass Strait.
On an island, Bass found 7 escaped convicts who had escaped from Sydney some time before. Bass took them back to the mainland. The convicts intended to travel back to the settlement and give themselves up. However, they never reached it. They either died of starvation or were killed by aboriginals.

1771-George Bass is born
1794-George bass joined the royal navy
1795-Bass joined Flinders in the Tom Thumb
1796-Bass embarked another voyage
1798-Bass and Flinders circumnavigated Van Damiens Land
1803-Bass was never seen again supposed dead
what was George Bass's occupation after exploring?
George Bass didn't actually have a occupation. He returned to London in August 1800 and approached Henry Waterhouse, the captain of the Reliance, with a commercial shipping proposal. Waterhouse responded enthusiastically and with his entire revenue and the help of an Edinburgh merchant, Bass purchased a vessel, theVenus . Bass often visited Waterhouse to discuss the venture, but he also had an alterior motive; he had fallen in love with WaterhouseÍs sister, Elizabeth.
Map of expedition
Problems Encountered
George Bass encoutered many problems one of them was the indigenous people blocking their passage. I would have dealed with them by going another way.
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