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John F. Kennedy v.s Martin Luther kinj Jr speech

this presentation explains the similarities and differences between these two inspirational men

zakkai jones

on 6 October 2014

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Transcript of John F. Kennedy v.s Martin Luther kinj Jr speech

The ''I have a dream'' and ''Civil Rights Address speeches can be compared in many ways. Both speeches are the subject on equality and peace.These two speeches are both powerful,strong,and stern.The speeches also captured America's heart with words that speak about a better place full of different races,cultures,and traditions.
the end
-one of the many differences is that these two men grew up in differents sides of the world.One was European American and the other was African American

- ''I have dream speech'' is emotional,because Martin relates to the black community and explains his feelings about segragation.
- The ''Civil Rights Address'' is logical,because is shows how important this matter of subject is to this man of power.

In this presentation I presentated this prezi to compare and contrast these two powerful moving speeches.John . Kennedy's speech was not as moving to America ,because Martin Luther King Jr was educated black man who had a holy heart to reunite God's children black and white.
Vol XCIII, No. 311
The life of many races reunited during the 1960's, I am going to explain the speeches of two inspiring men who changed the view of americans on the subject of equality.
The world renowned Civil Rights activist Martin Luther King Jr and the noble president John F. Kennedy spoke two inspirational speeches. The '' I have a dream'' speech and the '' Civil Rights Address''.For this following presentation I will explain the similarities and differences of the ''I have a dream'' and the ''Civil Rights address''.
John F. Kennedy v.s Martin Luther King Jr speech

- The differences between these two speeches is that they come from different point of views,one comes a man who never expierenced racial profiling,but had a heart to .

-Another difference is that these two speeches had challenges along the way. Jfk had it easy for people to listen to him ,but a black man had racial profiling,discremination and hatred for him speaking the worfs of equality.

John F. Kennedy called the discremination against minorites men,women and children a ''moral crisis''.He wanted to outlaw racial profiling against all minorites because he didn't feel in his heart that minorites should be treated like thrash from his own race.
Martin Luther King Jr. wanted reality for all of god's children, because he saw this world as a nightmare from the devil but also a lesson from god to have faith and trust in him.

One of the similarities between
''I Have A Dream speech and ''The Civil Rights Address'' is that they both wanted change to happen, and that they wanted to despire peace across america.
''The I have Dream'' speech and ''The Civil Rights Address speech have many similarities on of them is that they both
One of the differnces of these two speeches is that they have a different style,they are also presented to different audiences.
Another one of the differences between these two speeches is that Kennedy said that if this situation did not stop violence would be used,but on the other hand King made a promise that violence would never be used under any circumstane.
The last difference between these two powerful speeches is that John F. Kennedy's speech was was very stern,without emotion and Martin Luther King Jr's speech was very emotional because he was comparing himself with the black community and other minorities acoss america.
Why was Dr King's speeech was more memorable
Martin Luther King Jr's speech was more memorable because this african american man had gone through everything for example he was threatened by fellow americans, his house was bombed, and the most devastating was that his family was brought into this mess .Most of America remembered this speech because he poured his heart out inthe words that he said that day.Dr.Martin gave examples and facts about segregation that a European American could not say.
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