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Theme of Percy Jackson the lighting theif

No description

Garrett Jackson

on 5 March 2014

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Transcript of Theme of Percy Jackson the lighting theif

Theme by Garrett Jackson
Theme of Percy Jackson the lighting thief By Rick Riordan by Garrett jackson
The Theme of Percy Jackson is friendship always wins over evil.
Support 1
When Percy , Annabeth, and Grover were in the Lotus Hotel Percy saved Annabeth, and Grover from being trapped in a never ending loop of playing video games and a Hotel that sped up time and where people did not age. The heroes could have just stayed in the hotel for all eternity safe from all hurt and pain but he decided to save the world from the gods from a civil war that could possibly destroy everything.
Support 2
When the heroes where at Aunty Ems Garden Gnome Emporium (AKA Medusas layer where she turns innocent people to stone) Percy saves their lives by chopping of the head of Medusa before they got turned to stone. They used team work to slay the evil demon.
Support 3
When Percy, mom, and Grover where going to Camp Half Blood to get into the protective barrier but a Minotor comes to ruin the day Percys mom dies and Grover gets knock out while that leaves Percy to kill the Minator alone. In the end Percy kills him and they are saved.
So friendship can over come the greatest of evils.
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