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Negative Things About Petroleum Angela & Shakira

No description

Angela Rodriguez

on 15 November 2013

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Transcript of Negative Things About Petroleum Angela & Shakira

Negative Things About Petroleum
Burning gasoline also emits carbon dioxide, which is the main greenhouse gas causing the current global warming
It's running out because its a nonrenewable resource
Oil Spill
Pollutes Air
50 to 150 years before it runs out
Oil spills contains some cancer causing compounds, benzene
Causes wars because they fight over the oil
In order to get petroleum you have to drill.
Drilling is expensive and difficult.
In conclusion we should use windmills instead of petroleum because it is better for the environment. We could increase the number of windmills in the country. It can help the environment be more healthy and safe.
Oil spill causes environmental damage, for example a giant oil spill in the gulf of Mexico caused pollution in the water and harmed animals. It happened on 4-20-2010
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