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Kyndal Johnston

on 18 April 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

By: Kyndal Johnston The Ladybug Foundation! The Ladybug Foundation has an great story of how it was all started! It started by at 5 years old Hannah Taylor witnessed a man digging through a dumpster on a cold Winter day.Shocked and saddened by the fact that he needed do this to get food, Hannah resolved she would help some how, some way... And that's exactly what she has done! Hannah helps by providing a voice for people who are homeless, hungry, and living in poverty is at the forefront. Hannah also does fundraisers like selling cookies that look like ladybugs, and paint jars to look like ladybugs! She does a lot more help than i named though! The Ladybug Foundation's Goals! The Ladybug Foundation's Goals are to #1 Raise awareness #2 Raise financial support to help ease some of the financial burdens and stressed places upon these charities every month #3 To educate people in Canada about the issues surrounding homelessness! Another goal is to teach everyone to treat homeless people like family. You can make a donation online or you can mail a check or cash to P.O. Box 21054, Winnipeg, MB. R3R 3R2! checks are made out to The Ladybug Foundation Inc.
donations to the Ladybug foundation go many places! Internet Sites! http://www.ladybugfoundation.ca How It Happened! How Hannah Helps! Making Donations!
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