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Medical Marijuana and CBD Oil made Legal in the

No description

Gage Williams

on 13 April 2017

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Transcript of Medical Marijuana and CBD Oil made Legal in the

Medical Marijuana and CBD Oil
Sharon Kelly
At 54 years old, Sharon Kelly was diagnosed with Terminal Lung Cancer
After undergoing two rounds of chemotherapy, Sharon decided it was time for a different treatment plan
After being suggested to her by her daughter, Sharron began treating herself with a form of Medical Marijuana, called CBD Oil
Why these treatments?
According to the National Cancer Institute in 2016, an estimated 1,685,210 new cases of cancer were diagnosed in the United States
With this large of an amount of new cases being discovered yearly new forms of treatments, other than the conventional plans, should be legal to explore
What can CBD Oil do?
According to Dr. Pierre Desperez, "What we found was that this Cannabidoil (CBD Oil), could essentially 'turn off' the ID-1," Desperez told the Huff Post. The cells stopped spreading and returned to normal
Through extensive research and testing, scientists are discovering that medical marijuana and CBD Oil are effecting tumors and cancer by causing growth to stop and even shrinkage among some patients.
Medical Marijuana
Patients who suffer from different types of anxiety issues can use medical marijuana to not only help cure their anxiety, but also to improve their overall quality of life
According to Dr. Karina Kedzior, "The prospective analysis revealed that cannabis use at baselines was positively associated with anxiety at follow-up. While the causal direction of this relationship could not be established using the available data, this result suggests tat even infrequent cannabis use is associated with clinically relevant symptoms of anxiety. Therefore, an appropriate assessment of cannabis use might be necessary for an effective treatment of anxiety disorders."
How many states already allow this?
Many states have yet to legalize the use of medical marijuana and CBD Oil, even with the amount of research backing their positive impacts on patients
The National Conference of State Legislatures states, "A total of 28 states, the District of Columbia, Guam, and Puerto Rico now allow for comprehensive public medical marijuana and cannabis programs."
This is a start, but these medicines that have proven themselves to be effective, must be available to all throughout the United States.
How Can You Help?
One way that we, as the state of Oklahoma, can gain the right to medical marijuana and CBD Oil, is to collect enough signatures to force a referendum vote.
By doing this, we are putting the decision before the people. We are showing our state government that we want change for the collective good.
A Healthier Future
Imagine the population of those suffering form ailments such as cancer, tumors, and anxiety, finally having a successful treatment at their finger tips. These medications are available in only a little more than half of the states in our country, but think of those that they are illegal in. These states, and the people in them suffering will finally get a treatment method they deserve. Not only is there a possibility of a higher living rate for these patients, but a better quality of life. This decision would have a positive effect on those suffering now, and also those who are diagnosed every day.
Do you know someone who has been affected by a tumor or cancer?
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