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Basinger operant conditioning


Matt Basinger

on 12 March 2013

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Transcript of Basinger operant conditioning

I don't care what you say!!
Listen to me!!
Positive Reinforcer
Negative Reinforcer
Primary Reinforcer
Secondary Reinforcer
Aversive Control (Punishment)
Something pleasant is added after a desired action.
You did awesome on your last test! Good job!!
Reaction #One
Reaction #Two
"Thanks Mom!"
(Thinking) - I want that approval and recognition again, I will repeat what I did that caused that reaction.
"What? Ok. Cool."
(Thinking) - So, I didn't get into trouble the first time and basically got rewarded for not screwing up. Cool.
Something unpleasant is taken away.
Longer curfew
No chores
Reaction #One
Reaction #Two
"Wow! You guys rock!" (Thinking) - My parents really love and trust me. I better keep doing good things to maintain this trust so I don't lose these privileges.
"I can trust you!
Satisfies a basic human need like hunger or thirst.
ice cream
"You were so good at the store! Here's a candy bar.
Reaction #One
Reaction #Two
"That's awesome! I never get this kind of candy!" (Thinking) - This reward was pretty immediate, got to remember this for next time we're at Wal-Mart.
"Candy! Candy! Candy! Candy" (Thinking) - Do my hips look bigger to you?!
Something paired with a primary reinforcer that has some kind of value.
credit cards
"You did your chores! Here's five bucks."
Reaction #One
Reaction #Two
"Yes! I can go buy those new shoes I want!"
(Thinking) - I'm being treated like an adult! I do adult things and get adult rewards.
"Mom? Can I have another $20? All of the kids are going to see a movie and get Chinese."
(Thinking) - Cha-ching!
When unwanted behavior occurs, an unpleasant consequence is added to try to decrease the behavior. (a.k.a. punishment).
"That's it! Wait until your father gets home!
Reaction #One
Reaction #Two
"Ouch!!!! That sucked!!!!
(Thinking) - Ok, they mean business. Stop acting badly.
(Thinking) - I hate you! Don't look at me! Leave me alone! I'm going to take it out on my little brother!
"Ok. Cool! I'm going out."
(Thinking) - Again, I don't screw up and they reward me with more time with my friends. See ya!!
What do we do?
Learned Helplessness
Repeated attempts to control a situation fail.
Views the situation as uncontrollable.
applied to other things in life
less motivated
stops trying
Known Treatments
Personal system of rewards and punishments to shape thoughts and behavior.
identify behavior
create a behavior contract
reward yourself
Learning by
or imitating
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